24 (Fox) Season 6 Episodes Leaked

A view of the Lachine Canal in St-Henri, Montreal, Quebec, Canada. The movement of light was captured by purposefully moving the camera to create these interesting patterns of light. Taken on the 19th of July 2006 with a Sony Cybershot DSC-P93 5.1 MP camera. Part of the Dreamscape Series

Last week, the big news was that a DVD of the 1st complete four episodes of season 6 of 24 (Fox) were leaked intentionally or unintentionally. Suffice it to say that I was pretty happy to be able to watch them. It sounds like a viral marketing campaign, though I am unsure if 24 actually need one, it has a cult following.

* * * * *

The events in 24 season 5 ended shockingly with Jack Bauer being extracted to China for the attack on the Chinese ambassadorial official in the Chinese embassy. 20 months later, the new President is Wayne Palmer. He leads a country under attack from terrorists. Over 900 US civilians have died by 11 terrorist attacks on US soil. One of the President’s advisors councils for even more detention facilities and an executive order to make it possible to arrest most muslims, whether they are terrorists or not. Even if the President is against this move, this advisor, Thomas Lennox played by Numb3r’s eccentric astrophysicist Peter MacNicol, has already readied detention centers all around the country in stadiums to hold muslims.

CTU has been contacted by the 2nd in command of the suspected leader of the terrorist group. His name is Fayed and he is prepared to deliver them his leader, Assad, in exchange for 25 million USD and Jack Bauer. Fayed wants Bauer for his torture and interrogation of his brother in Beirut. Fayed’s brother died because of this.

President Palmer was able to negotiate Bauer’s release in exchange for things unknown at this point. We see Buchanan and Curtis welcome Bauer with drawn guns as he emerges ragged, tortured and shivering from a Chinese military transport plane. Bauer is informed of his fate and the Chinese inform the Americans that Bauer did not break and did not speak for almost 2 years. Bauer asks to clean up and takes off his shirt; his body is covered in distinct torture marks.

CTU proceeds with the exchange and Bauer is left for the terrorists. They collect him and start torturing him. Bauer learns that actually Fayed is responsible for the attacks and that Assad was actually trying to stop them. Meanwhile, Fayed is planning a major attack with the aid of his sleeper agents.

Bauer uses this opportunity to kill his guard with his teeth by disconnecting his heart monitor. Bauer makes his escape and feints the terrorists for now.

* * * * *

I enjoyed this episode. I am still awaiting the next 3 in the following days. I have the feeling that the terrorists will be able to detonate a nuclear device or carry out a large scale attack successfully in the next few hours.


Because this theme has been unsuccessfully explored by Jericho (CBS) and would be a lot more interesting in 24. Also the fact that the terrorists are talking about a major attack and that Thomas Lennox is prepared to imprison most of the muslim community in detention centers around the US, is a clue; there is a lot happening in the first few moments of the show. My thinking is that the attack will either happen in the beginning of the season or midway.

I am also thinking that either Lennox is part of the plot or is using these attacks to push his agenda further and grab more power.

I am looking forward to the next few episodes.






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