Dreamscape nightshoot in St-Henri, Montreal, Canada, or how the flickrverse is being diluted


In this post I cover my photography, some flickr and flickrbrowsing, some hardware problems, blogging, blog-traffic, technorati ratings and WP rankings. I wasn't going to format my new photos, but I got tired of using other people's photos, so I just used mine.

Just came back from another night shoot. My dog Spike needed to take a wee, so I obliged. I haven't been able to get anything out of my USB HD, at least I had the time to upload some of photos onto flickr. However, I didn't upload the originals, just formatted them flickr style. So I lost the originals if I can't resuscitate my USB drive.

I didn't think I'd be doing this, but I've just formatted and uploaded all my latest photos onto flickr. I call this set dreamscape. I'm looking forward to taking more photos in the night, I might even borrow my wife's Fuji S2 Pro, but I think that the small Cybershot that I'm using is helping me develop my eye. For some reason, I enjoy abstract and night photos. There is a nice dreamy quality on this set. I will try to integrate more colours in the next series of pictures. I wasn't satisfied with my other pictures over this week. Out of maybe 100, only a few were interesting, except the night shoot from yesterday. I've been using Uploadr from flickr to upload my pics. A lot faster. Also, I think there are a lot of people who aren't posting their own pics. I've seen a few here and there that have been using pics with pro models included, that couldn't have been. Another thing, is that flickr should purge or create a system to distinguish photographers and people who just upload pics that they have downloaded from the internet. When I flickrbrowse, I don't want to see pictures from the net, I want to see original content from independent or amateur photographers.

The problem is, that I've got 2 WDigital HDs of 400GB each lying around with an Adaptec RAID card. However, I learnt after buying them that these WD HDs were not compatible with the Adaptec card that I got. And since both HDs are SATA, they aren't compatible with my setup. I have tried to sell them to friends, nothing really panned out. Meanwhile, they are gathering dust on my desk, unopened and still wrapped. For those of you less technically inclined, I got screwed. I got screwed because I bought HDs that didn't work on my computer and I'm stuck with them.

Brookers is funny

Since I don't play any video-games on my computer, I haven't had to update my computer since 2002. I've added HDs and peripherals, but nothing major. I think its beginning to show. Later on this year, I'll try to get a new computer. Though at home, we do have 2 laptops, one recent from last year and another desktop that I never use. The desktop is a IBM IntelliStation. It's about the same age as my main desktop. I wouldn't mind getting a blindly fast machine, like an Alienware gaming desktop. However, I don't see myself paying 5000$ for a computer. This one, I assembled myself with parts from a distributor. Cost about a grand last time.

Ask a ninja some advice about excuses.

On the last update, I am at #31 on Chartreuse is at 8,761. Of course, I have been influenced by the blogs that I read. From Chartreuse, to Copyblogger, to kottke.org and others. I feel I have evolved as a blogger, by reading blogs and thinking more about my posts. Before, my posts were quite specific. Now, they cover a multitude of subjects and go from one to the next, in an organic matter. My posts are also longer. At least 1000 words. Sometimes more. Personally, I don't mind reading long posts, I've read some as long as 7000 words.

I am also 372,681 on technorati. I was dead last a few days ago. Why did I move up? I guess it's mostly because of my blogroll. I used to have one when I started the blog. But then, I got wrapped up into my own thing, so I took it down and put up links that were relevant to me. When I started using coComments this week and started commenting more and more, I found myself inspired by my comments to write more. And coComments enables you to backtrack on most comments you have made. Some comments give me ideas for interesting posts. So I started a blogroll that actually included blogs I read every day. I also started polishing my posts, writing them in M$ Word, saving them and coming back to them, editing them. I also include media in each post. Interesting photos I've found on flickr, interesting videos I've found on youtube. I start out each post by just writing in M$ Word. When I have got close to 1000 words, I go back and create a title and tag words. I then search for media to include in my post. I like using one image or one vid at the beginning of the post, and more in between. Most of the times, the media is relevant to the post. I like using long descriptive titles with twists on them or attention grabbing details. It's better than short and sweet and to the point. Some writers mention how finding the right title is the hardest thing.


I just noticed that tonight's Doctor Who episode arrived. I've watched it. I like the new Doctor. I can't wait till the fall when the Torchwood Institute starts. It's a spin-off series from Doctor Who.

Nothing much happening in Big Brother, Uk or Australia. In Uk, the housemates won the mini-task and in Australia, the housemates are getting ready for the impeding eviction. I have to say that Jamie's and Dani's poetry sucks ass.

Now this is a listing of the search engine terms that have been used today to find Memoirs On A Rainy Day. I don't really understand the relevance of "porn situations". I don't post about porn or hot chicks. Speaking of which, check out Char @ Chartreuse(ß), he's celebrating his 6 month blog anniversary by posting hot chicks.

porn situations vs real situations 7
listening to rainy sounds 2
porn vs reality 2
lost season 3 spoilers 1
rainy images 1
lost spoilers season 3 1
'porn situations vs real situations' 1
maja ivarsson pics 1

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11 responses to “Dreamscape nightshoot in St-Henri, Montreal, Canada, or how the flickrverse is being diluted”

  1. Kerryn Avatar

    range, I’m just wondering if you’re into spoilers? Would you like to know who’s evicted from BBA before you watch the ep or not? If you could vote in BBA who would you vote to evict and who to save?

    By the way, I really like your titles – they certainly add to the click-thruability of your posts. Mine tend to be shorter and/or taken from lyrics that may have inspired me but hopefully they relate, even cryptically, to my subject matter.

  2. range Avatar

    Kerryn, I am mosdef into spoilers. Speculating about who gets out. However, I like watching the Eviction show without knowing who leaves. But, every single week, I’ve known beforehand. It’s just I can’t help myself looking at the websites to find out who leaves. But this week, I didn’t look at any BBA news until I saw FNL, because that’s my favourite part of BBA. Yesterday, I knew before I saw the shows who was evicted in BBUK, but that one was a no brainer.

    I think that Katie will get evicted. However, during FNL, we saw what the polls were at. Centrebet is saying that Jamie will be evicted, and I have read somewhere that Centrebet has predicted successfully every single eviction.

    I want Katie gone, buy the money says that Jamie is gone. Now here’s the pickle of this situation, will the non-evicted part of JamKat walk? I don’t think so.

    I would vote to save Dave and vote to evict Katie. I find her quite annoying and her attitude with Camilla just plain sucked this week. Out of the remaining housemates, I like John and Krystal. Krystal is very funny, and she’s attractive too, so that doesn’t hurt. John is funny. I don’t think Rob, Ash or Claire will win. It’s between John, Gaelan and Dave, with Centrebet pointing at Dave for the overall winner.

    It’s funny how quickly Katie went from one of the most favoured housemates to the most hated.

    I have to say though that BBUK and BBA are way more entertaining that American reality tv shows. The American producers need to learn a thing or two about the Brits and the Aussies, because BB is huge over there and not that big in the USA. BB Canada wouldn’t work. But I think there is something like BB Quebec, though I don’t watch french tv.

  3. range Avatar

    Thanks for the compliment on the titles, I got the idea partly from Chartreuse. Long titles are more descriptive and I like to play with words and make word games in the titles.

  4. Kerryn Avatar

    I’d love it if Centrebet is right. If they are, I predict that Katie won’t walk but will go into meltdown. That could be fun to watch. I think Katie thought she was beyond safe and that she would end up winning. It’s been interesting to watch this week as she and Jamie start showing what they’re really like. Only an hour and a half until I find out what’s going to happen.

    Being on dial-up I haven’t gotten into overseas reality shows – apart from what is shown on FTA. Survivor. The Biggest Loser (the Aus version of this was much, much better than the US). The Amazing Race. I got hooked on TAR during the first season – memories of my husband’s and my trip to Europe where still strong and when I tuned in the teams were in Paris… That’s a show that couldn’t work in Australia.

    My husband can’t understand why I read spoilers – they spoil everything for me. I say, bring ’em on – knowing the outcome lets me looked at the little things happening in the background. Let me know if you want to know who’s evicted tonight 🙂

  5. range Avatar

    For sure, I want to know. I like TAR, but the family edition of TAR sucked so bad. Because the season before, Boston Rob made TAR one of the best reality TV shows out there.

  6. Kerryn Avatar

    Centrebet were wrong! And you were right…

    We didn’t get the family edition and from everything I’ve heard, I’m kind of glad about that. We’ve just finished up season 9 (I think) with the hippies winning.

  7. range Avatar

    Yes! Katie is a gonner!

    For TAR, you didn’t miss anything with the family edition. Ratings plummeted and the producers were idiots. One of the problems was that kids were involved, so I guess they couldn’t travel to Malaysia and exotic locations. So they stayed a good portion of the time in the USA.

  8. range Avatar

    BTW, there is a new reality tv show here on NBC, looks like a TAR clone called Treasure Hunters. I don’t like Katie on BBA. She didn’t really have a lot of class and the way she made everything about her this week…

  9. Kerryn Avatar

    Don’t tell anyone but I just lurked in her chat this afternoon. It’s still all about her and how cool she is. I started out liking her but the last week or two I’ve done a huge turn around on her. Go Camilla 😀

    Haven’t heard anything about Treasure Hunters. Will have to keep an eye out for it.

  10. range Avatar

    Katie is very loud. Too loud for my taste.

  11. How To Blog On Wordpress For Beginners, A Post For My Friend Carrie « memoirs on a rainy day Avatar

    […] St-Ambroise St. next to a park in Montreal Canada. Taken on the 17th of June 2006 with a Sony Cybershot DSC-P93 5.1 MP camera. Part of the Dreamscape Series. […]

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