24S06E14 (Fox)

A strangely lighted building right next to a club called Exotica, on Soi Sukhumvit 55 in Bangkok, Thailand. Taken with a Nikon D200 and a 18-200mm VR lens on the 16th of February 2007. Part of the Thailand Chronicles.

The terrorists are arming the drones and CTU is out of time. The satellites are repositioning themselves. The terrorists have the time to launch a drone and pack up the other two to relocate.

It looks like the terrorists have either infiltrated or have a man inside CTU. They disabled the tracking capabilities of their satellites. The stealth drone is on its way.

VP Daniels convenes the Joint Chiefs of Staff to nuke the hell out of the terrorist sponsoring state. (Until now, they haven’t mentioned the name of this country.)

Jack is back at CTU. Jack learns that Audrey Raines is dead. Marilyn tells him that she died in a car accident in China. Supposedly, Raines spent the last year getting information through backchannels trying to find Jack. Jack gets that she was actually killed, and did not die accidentally.

The VP is informing his cabinet of his intentions. Karen Hayes is back and making a storm, but it does not matter anymore. For now, the country has not yet been identified. Any Middle Eastern country would fit the bill. My guess it’s between Iran and Syria.

The navy is standing by with a nuclear sub, ready to launch at a unpopulated area. The VP hasn’t even thought about the reactions from China or Russia at this point. In his mind, the country has been attacked by a nuclear attack. He needs to respond.

Chloe figures out that the drone pilot is using the data from CTU to navigate in the gaps that the satellites aren’t covering. Chloe informs Buchanan that this data is being transmitted from a workstation at CTU. She tells them that they have a leak.

They trace it back to Nadia Yasser and she gets taken into holding. She gets interrogated for a few minutes by Doyle, before Morris and Chloe find a way to trace the pilot of the drone, through the leaking terminal.

The terrorists are targeting San Fransisco.

Jack heads up a tact team to the location of the pilot and they head in. They find the pilot and take care of the team. Jack is able to divert the drone outside of its target area and lands it, albeit it wasn’t a pretty landing.

The bomb’s nuclear core was fractured and now they are dealing with a dirty bomb in an almost unpopulated area. VP Daniels is giving the go-ahead for the nuclear strike.

Karen Hayes asks the President’s doctors if he could regain consciousness. They say yes, but he could suffer brain damage and die. They have to have consent from his immediate family. Karen is looking at the President’s sister, in the waiting lounge.

* * * * *

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