24S06E13 (Fox)

In the last episode, Lennox was being interrogated by secret service agents. He wasn’t making much progress after having surrendered himself.

Buchanan introduces Mike Doyle, the new head of field ops just in from Fort Bragg. Logan is in a holding cell, getting ready to be debriefed.

Buchanan is setting up an op to storm the consulate and to extract Anatoli Markov. Jack will be picked up as well, as a secondary goal in this operation. Milo has problems with Doyle, because of their history. Doyle is a bit harsh with everyone, trying to get results.

Bauer is moved to a location where the security guard asks confirmation so that he can execute him. The officer does the mistake of underestimating Bauer and he gets shot. The consul alerts his security forces: this looks like a James Bond situation right now, right out of Goldeneye.

Jack tries to call CTU, but the phones lines were disabled just before he could relay his message. He should have thought about what he was going to say beforehand, instead of having this conversation with Morris:

-Morris, it’s Jack.
-I know where Gredenko is. He is in…

VP Daniels is trying to make Lennox lie about how things went down in the assassination attempt; he wants Lennox to tell the ambassador that he saw Assad plant the bomb.

Logan says that the only way to get through the Russian President is through his wife Anya. He says that his wife can get through to her.

Meanwhile, the VP has agreed to storm the Russian consulate. CTU is getting ready for this assault. Bauer is still evading his pursuers and is holding another pair of people hostage so that he can get a satphone.

Martha is living with Aaron Pierce. She doesn’t look very well, however Buchanan tells Logan that the only way to avoid another diplomatic incident is to have his plan succeed.

VP is trying to force the ambassador’s hand in order to get his help to ferret out the terrorist.

While Logan is sitting around her living room, Martha looses it. It escalates to the point where she stabs in the lower shoulder and upper chest.

While President Logan is being looked after, Martha makes the call to Anya Zubarov. Thanks to Martha, President Zubarov confronts Markov. But Markov refuses to cooperate and Zubarov gives Russian support to the attack on the consulate.

The tactical team storms the consulate and kills pretty much everyone there, including the consul who warns Gredenko right before he is shot. Bauer is rescued and tells them where to look.

Meanwhile in the ambulance, it looks like Logan is going into cardiac arrest.

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