24 S06E03 (Fox) Recap And Review

Look at the looming evil building in the background. I have interesting shots of that one. It is a building in construction in Jhubei, Taiwan, right next to the HSR station. Taken on the 13th of January 2007 with a Nikon D200 and a 18-35mm Nikkor lens. Part of the HSR Hsinchu Series 1.

After meeting up with Assad, Bauer continues to follow the handler behind one of the bombings. Fayed reveals his hand to the President by demanding the release of 110 prisoners at a holding facility in Palmdale. The President himself talks with the terrorist. Lennox is looking even more worried.
Bauer and Assad contact CTU to get satellite coverage. Since the whole country is on high alert, the satellites can not be tasked in time so Bauer comes up with another plan. He stages a traffic accident incident and Assad poses as a friend to the terrorist. The handler gets in the car with Assad and Bauer follows them from afar.

The President takes the decision to acquiesce to the terrorists demands by preparing the terrorists for transfer. Bauer meets up with Curtis who has his own reservations about Assad. They find out that the handler is making a dead drop in a storage facility and Curtis decides to move in. The terrorist martyrs himself with a grenade.

Bauer finds a badly damaged laptop that the terrorist wanted to get.

On the laptop, they manage to find one file with a listing of electronic components in Arabic and Russian. It refers to a Russian suitcase nuke. One of the people involved in the acquisition of the suitcase nuke was Hassan Numer, who has been detained all along in the Palmdale facility. The President by agreeing to terrorist’s terms, has just set him loose, with the help of a Sergeant of the detention facility.

* * * * *

It looks like there is a clear danger of a nuclear attack in 24. My prediction of a bomb detonating in the city looks accurate.






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