24 (Fox) Episode 2 Season 6

Taking pictures of the Lakeshore elevator. Taken on the 9th of January 2007 in Hsinchu, Taiwan, with a Nikon D200 and a 18-35mm Nikkor lens. Part of the Lakeshore Elevator Series.

As the military strike destroys the house of the erstwhile terrorists, Jack Bauer takes Assad and the traitor out of the blast zone.

Bauer had tried reasoning with the President and CTU but to no avail. He naturally took matters into his own hands, since he had heard the location of Assad from Fayed. Fayed had to stop his search for Bauer when they were running out of time.

Sandra Palmer is an attorney working for the Islamic American Association. The FBI just tried to get information on muslims, but she asked for their warrants first. They didn’t have any. She informs the President about this, since she is his sister.

The FBI agents come back with a warrant, but Sandra manages to erase all of the personnel files. She gets arrested.

Meanwhile, the unlikely duo of Assad and Bauer managed to extract important information from the traitor. Jack is not his usual self, he seems to have lost the taste for torture. Assad does the deed and dispatches the traitor. They make their way to the meeting point and see two of Fayed’s men getting into the subway. Assad follows the handler and Bauer takes on the suicide bomber. Bauer is able to eject the bomber from the moving subway train before he detonates himself.

Assad is still following the handler. CTU intercepts cell phone chatter that confirms that Fayed is behind the attacks. Karen Hayes tries to take the blame. It looks like things are not going Tom Lennox’s way.

* * * * *

This episode was pretty good as well. I was surprised to see Bauer having trouble torturing someone, but after having spent 20 months being tortured himself, I guess that line of interrogation has been put into perspective. There is definitely something going on at the IAA. And the President’s sister is involved.

Chloe hasn’t been benched in CTU. She helped out. Her new Armani wearing boyfriend is there too. 20 months, that is a long time. I wonder what happened with Kim and a few other characters. It’s going to be hard to wait for the rest of the season, at one episode per week. At least there are no breaks, and 24 runs for 24 weeks. Already, I will have to wait 5 weeks before seeing episode 6.

Ah well, can’t have it all.






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