24 S06E15 (Fox)

More Lippo Center from Hong Kong.

This episode of 24 continues the series as it started. We see a lot of things finally coming to fruition. Some threads of the story are finally resolved while new ones are started.

Warning: Spoilers ahead.


Mark Hauser is a low level tech at CTU and he is the leak, not Nadia. He was paid off by Gredenko to given them access to the satellite data.

VP Noah Daniels is still going on with the nuclear strike.

The drone pilot is dead and most leads have been exhausted. That is until Chloe finds a trace leading to Hauser.

Doyle learns from one of his men that Nadia isn’t guilty of treason. It puts him in a compromising situation. Doyle chooses to hide this info from CTU.

Karen Hayes tries to persuade Sandra Palmer to consent to reawaken the President.

This reminds me of a quote from Mr. Spock from Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan:

The needs of the many outweigh the needs of the few, or the one.

In the end, by cajoling Sandra, Hayes makes a compelling argument and Sandra acquiesces. The doctor in charge of the President is being threatened by the VP, but he doesn’t back down.

Bauer and his tact team are approaching the house where Hauser lives. They storm the house and apprehend Hauser and his brother. Hauser gets shot once in the leg and once in the back. He is still alive. Bauer talks with Brady, Hauser’s brother, and learns that he is autistic and has a gift with computers that Hauser has been exploiting.

Hauser sold the specs for the security protocols for a nuclear reactor. Hauser helps set up a meet so that CTU can nab Gredenko.

As much as we want to think the worst of Doyle, he actually gave the evidence to Morris so that he could verify it. Doyle said that it came from an outside source, so he wanted to make sure it was genuine.

Milo was actually told by Johnson, Doyle’s old buddy.

Buchanan releases Nadia and asks her to stay on board. She says that she will stay. After a little tiff, Milo and Nadia make out at the office.

The President’s life signs have just crashed because they are trying to wake him up from the induced coma.

Gredenko meets with Brady and gets the info he wants. The tact team is waiting to nab him. The Russian gives the order to kill Brady as soon as they have the info. Brady ducks at the right time and Gredenko is shot with a tranquilizer; the others are shot.

In exchange for asylum and a guarantee that they will not return him to Russia, Gredenko says that he will give them Fayed and the bombs.

The VP is still going ahead with the nuclear strike, even when Lennox informs him that they have been making progress with Gredenko.

When the Admiral wants to give word to the USS Vickery to fire her missiles, he learns that she has received orders to stand down by the President. The VP receives a phone call from Palmer telling him to stand down immediately and that he would be taking his duties as commander in chief again.

The VP has only one way out if he wants his agenda to be pushed into policy, get the President removed via an impeachment or a removal decision by the Attorney General.

* * * * *

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