Lost S03E16 (ABC)

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This episode is Juliet-centric as we discover how the first few years on the island went down. We also see the plot that is hidden beneath the surface.

Warning: Spoilers ahead.


Sayid, Juliet, Jack and Kate make their way back to the losties’ camp. They are too far from the beach so they have to make camp.

Jack talks about his experience with the Others. He tells Kate about his deal with them. Kate is dubious about his story about not knowing anything more. Sayid is very suspicious of Juliet.

Sayid wants to know all of what Juliet knows, and we go back into a Juliet-centric flashback. Juliet Burke arrives at her new job. They meet Ethan once again.

Richard is the man who hired her and she says good bye to her sister Rachel.

Who are you? Sayid keeps asking. And he tells her that if she doesn’t answer, he will kill her. Juliet tells him that if she told him all she knows, he would kill her anyway.

Jack steps in and tells everyone that Juliet is under his protection.

Back at camp, Charlie comes up to Claire’s place and Aaron is crying. Claire is feeling sick, and Charlie takes the baby for a few hours. He seems worried.

Jack thinks that they will come around, but that will not happen since they chained Sayid to a fence for 3 days.

Dr. Burke is supposed to be tranquilized for the trip to her new employment. She wakes up in the submarine. She sees strange rock formation covered in jungle. Benjamin Linus, takes care of Juliet during her arrival.

Claire looks out of sorts and Sawyer goes to get her some medicine when they see Jack arrive back at the island. Kate follows as well as Sayid. Everyone seems happy. That’s because they haven’t seen Juliet bringing up the rear.

As soon as they see her, things start getting uncomfortable. Hurley makes the first step of talking to Juliet. Hurley tells her about Ethan. (That he’s dead.)

We cut back to an operating theatre. A woman dies on the table while Ethan was operating. We had learned that Ethan was their surgeon.

Ben tells her that her sister won’t be giving birth. He tells her that her cancer is back. They talk about Jacob. And that he will bring Rachel to the island. This will cure her cancer, that is what Ben says.

Jack is trying to convince the others that they should trust Juliet. He tells them that Locke is gone with the Others. The sickness that was affecting the women of the island while Juliet was there in the beginning, is affecting Claire.

She just gave birth not too long ago. Juliet tells Kate that she knows why Claire is sick; she did something to her. Sawyer and Sayid agree that they are weary of Juliet

For some reason women can not have babies on the island. Every pregnant woman dies. Juliet gave Claire a medicine to save her. Ethan was the one administrating the vaccine. Without the injections, Claire would have died. Juliet says that she needs the serum. Ethan kept a stash near the old caves. Jack agrees.

We go back to Juliet having an affair with a fellow doctor on the island. It’s been 3 years since she has come to the island. She gets news that Ben has a spinal cancer. Juliet is furious because Ben told her that no one on this island had cancer. She believes that her sister is dead and she wants to talk to her.

Juliet is cornered by Sayid and Sawyer. They want answers.

Juliet tries to squirm her way out of it by twisting the knowledge that she has about both of them.

Do they remember that the Others lie? They just let her do as she pleases.

In the flashback, they meet with Mikael. This was at the time when Oceanic flight 815 crashed on the island. Ben shows her footage of her sister with her son, Julien.

As much as Juliet manipulates people, Ben does so as well. Ben wants her to stay on the island so that they can solve the problem of the mothers.

Juliet comes back with the serum. Jack tells her that if something happens to Claire, he won’t be able to protect her anymore. A few hours later, Claire awakes all better.

Ben and Juliet are making up their plan so that she can infiltrate the losties. It was all planned in advance. Ben tells her that they activated the implant in Claire so that she will be symptomatic in 48 hours.

Ben gives her a mask and tells her that he will see her in a week. The Others have plans for the losties and Juliet is their spy. So what else is new?

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