mission impossible 3 2006

nobody cares that ethan hunt is going to get married or finally has a life. all everybody cares about in an m:i movie are the explosions and the action. its like a bond film by americans. its easy to see that tomkat probably had too much input into this movie. he should just shut up and tried to act. as always, he plays the same part in every movie. abrams, while a good tv producer, should have sticked with lost and alias or spent more effort refining the plot. interesting to see his abramsian actors in this movie, keri russel (felicity) and greg grunberg (alias).

i do hate it when they take the idea of the box out of ronin (1998) and include it in this pathetic action flick. i mean, come on. ive watched ronin a dozen times, the action scenes are incredible, even if robert deniro squints and repeats himself a lot, like in all his movies, this was still a really good flick. when i bought a dvd player in 1999, this was one the the first dvds i bought. the others, ghost in the shell, taxi 2 among others. getting back on subject, the bad guys are going to buy the rabbits foot, a code named wmd. or thats what the good guys suppose it is. thing is, we never find out what it is. i think you can get used to this plot gimmick, but you always seem to come back to it. whats in the fucking box? and why are you torturing us by not telling us whats in it?

after capote, i cant believe that philip seymor hoffman played a bad guy in this movie. then again, he did play a loser in along came polly. probably the best thing in this movie is the orange lamborghini gallardo. it gets blown up. just like this movie blows.
and tomkat got his tomkitten finally. what a laugh! this movie is a rental.

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