Zooomr Needs Unlimited Uploads Or A Van Beek Christmas

We had to make a stop before going to our dinner to pick up presents for our Secret Santa exchange at work. I took the opportunity to take some photos of FE21. This is the building right next to FE21. It is a parking garage.


All of these pictures were taken on the 24 th of December 2006 at Iutian and Liezel’s place in Hsinchu Taiwan. They were our marvelous hosts during a Christmas eve dinner we had, with Christo, Gitte and Farina joining in as well. The night ended well past midnight after we finished watching You, Me And Dupree. All photos taken with a Nikon D200 with a Nikkor 18-35mm lens. Settings: ISO 1600, Long exp NR on, High ISO NR on. Part of the Van Beek Christmas series.


Well, the impossible has happened. I know it would, but I never thought it was likely. I knew that as soon as I would have a DSLR, I would hit the 4GB transfer limit on my Zooomr account, and I did last night. I was able to upload some pictures from Christmas eve, not all of them, even after having trimmed down the numbers. I have also trimmed down the number of photos from the Christmas concert to about 225 from the initial 965.

The wife and Gitte lounging about before dinner. Gitte is short for Brigitte.

Just to clear everything up, I have exactly 2504 photos on 140 pages.

Liezel, Gitte’s sister, very happy with her Christmas haul from Santa!

I think that most people using Pro accounts on Zooomr do not use their full limit, so it would be great for the Zooomr guys to give the photographers using all of their limit the rest of their bandwith, or simply giving us unlimited uploads.

Iutian, Liezel’s partner, is a photographer as well. Notice how in focus his camera is! There were 7 people there and more cameras than people! 3 DLSRs as well as another one soon to be bought by Gitte!

As I have mentioned before, since I can not make my archival quality pics private and share the lower resolutions, I just keep them private. I let people see them through my blog. It would be great if we could simply share lower resolution, like the medium resized ones and lower, and keep the higher ones private. That would be a great functionality and would encourage me to share all of my photos. In the format they are in, I do not plan on sharing them, since I wouldn’t want people just downloading those photos and using them without my copyrights being respected.

Liezel busy unwrapping a present. Love the new haircut!

Photo sharing is a great thing, but since I do not want to spend hours and hours resizing my images so that I can share them, I need a tool that can do it for me on the Zooomr site. With all this talk for the Mark III version of Zooomr coming out soon, I am patiently awaiting great changes.

The wife having a grand old time!

I used to use flickr in the beginning, and I was thinking about getting a Pro account, but when Zooomr came out with free Pro accounts for bloggers, that solved my dilemma. I have slowly seen the functionalities of the Zooomr site grow. In the beginning, I didn’t like the interface, but the changes made the site easy to use.

Maybe Liezel is just a very happy person and it’s not because of her Christmas haul; she always has dazzling smiles for the camera!

This is what I normally do after taking a bunch of photos. It varies from 200 to 1000 shots, I have not yet taken more than that.

Gitte’s quite excited with the red lamb’s leather that she will use to make a purse, courtesy of her family who were visiting last week. Who will make it? Liezel!

When I come back from taking photos, I upload them onto my computer and take a half hour to delete the ones that I don’t like or the ones that didn’t turn out right . After that, I try to eliminate multiple shots of the same thing, but this isn’t always easy, since the lighting can change quickly, and different angles can be interesting as well.

One of Liezel’s presents, a Swatch ring, in a most interesting wrapper. The camera isn’t out of focus, it’s just a sort of rubber that is almost see-thru.

Most of the time, I loose 50 to 60% of the photos I took that way. I know now to take multiple shots of the same thing, because you never know if the picture you took turned out. I rarely take the time to look at the photos on the LCD screen. Sometimes, if I have the time, I try deleting them right on the camera, but this happens rarely. Since I use an 8GB compact flash, which has space for about 2000 jpgs in the format I use, I find this a waste of time.

Some shots I took while I was waiting for the wife on the corner of Shengli Rd and the bridge between Sinyi Rd. and Shengli Rd.

After that, I use jUploadr to upload them to my zooomr account. This can take a few days, depending on the number of photos I have taken. This is because our free broadband internet connection is quite slow. When we move, I will make it a priority to get the fastest available connection. I always assign individual tag words to shoots so that I can easily categorize them with smartsets.

A view of FE21 on Xida Rd.

Once they are uploaded, I blog about them. I have taken to the habit of creating photoposts of my photos, so that the best pictures are showcased in them. I like to use zooomr as a gallery for my photos, but this will not work until I can share lower resolution photos.

Palm trees for Christmas and no snow? You can see the Sogo building in the back.

The first big dog that I have seen in Taiwan, a great dane. Incredible creature and the center of a lot of attention in front of FE21 on Xida Rd.

This shot isn’t that great, but look at the girls looking at me taking a pic. They thought I was taking a picture of them when I was actually trying to take a photo of FE21.

Scooters scootering by.

* * * * *

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8 responses to “Zooomr Needs Unlimited Uploads Or A Van Beek Christmas”

  1. candice Avatar

    Merry Christmas, don’t you all look festive there!

    I like the photo posts. I don’t tend to use the sharing sites much because I keep my own servers and do backups and all such nonsense, it’s like, ok, put something on flickr every once in a while but uploaders are so much work.

  2. range Avatar

    I like the photoposts too. I have taken almost 2000 photos since I got my camera. Practice makes perfect!

    Well, if you can keep you own servers with enough bandwith, then that is another story. But the sites are still convenient if you are traveling. For example, I could have set up a server at home in Montreal, but then, I would be out of luck in Taiwan. Anyways, my Terabyte Workstation kicks the shit out of my old computer, was about 875 USD. Not bad.

    Still, the sites are very useful if used properly. Uploading is painful with a slow connection.

    Oh and Merry Christmas. It’s too bad you didn’t see me in the Santa suit. I have pics, but they will be uploaded later next week. Or tomorrow, through my wife’s account.

  3. candice Avatar

    Ah, see, one of the perks of being a nerd is having friends with spare bandwidth and servers scattered all over. And I have a T1 for my business stuff which is not full either. I was using some of flickr and related things while still sorting out my mess after yon hurricane.

    One of my christmas presents was a 2G card for my new camera, so I should be joining you in more pictures land soon. (And a mini tripod, but with my “take pictures completely at random” style, I’m not sure how much use it will see.)

  4. range Avatar

    We have 2 tripods, but I haven’t used them yet. I have an 8GB card. The thinking is too much is better than too little.

    You lucky nerd! Nerd? You don’t look like a nerd, maybe you are a nerd in disguise! Or a nerd at heart!

  5. candice Avatar

    Nerd in disguise, maybe. Anyone who has owned as much antique or weird computer hardware as I have has no business claiming otherwise.

    I have said that I’m hopeless on that score, but I try to make up for it with cool shoes.

  6. Kristopher Tate Avatar

    Hi there, email me your Zooomr URL, and I’ll reset your upload bandwidth for this month! Thanks for using Zooomr!

    Season’s Greetings,

    Kristopher Tate
    cto & founder — bluebridge tech / zooomr

  7. range Avatar

    Wow, a comment from the founder of Zooomr!

    Thanks mate, I sent you an email.
    And here it is again.


    Merry Christmas and Happy new year

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    […] Vlogs « Zooomr Needs Unlimited Uploads Or A Van Beek Christmas […]

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