Rescue Me Recaps and Updates S03E01-E12 (FX)

This post gives an update and recaps for Rescue Me, the firefighter drama starring Dennis Leary on FX.

After discovering that his brother Johnny was seeing his wife all the time that he was trying to patch things up with her, Tommy went ballistic and beats him up. Uncle Teddy is still in prison for having shot the guy that killed Tommy’s son with his car and married a fan so that he could have conjugal visits. Things aren’t going as planned because she gets all emotional all the time and all Teddy wants is sex. Not a relationship during conjugal visits.


The probie Mike is bisexual. He starts the season living with a guy and getting blowjobs but still sees women. This gets aired to his colleagues from the firehouse when his erstwhile gay lover turns up. Maggy and Sean want to get married, but Maggy’s craziness makes Sean rethink this scenario in the 11th episode.


Last season, Tommy and Janet had almost patched things up but things completely fell apart when their only son got hit by a car and died. Tommy’s life is filled with tragedy.

Franco is seeing this woman who has an intellectually challenged brother who almost spoils his chances, but he is able to call a truce with him before things get too ugly. This is after he was seeing an older woman played by Susan Sarandon earlier in the series, who kidnapped his daughter and took her away from Franco. Franco is devastated, but there is nothing he can do because he himself took his daughter illegally away from their foster family with signaling Social Services.


Lou is having a midlife crisis and almost kills himself when he discovers that Candy, the prostitute that stole 26000$ from his is actually a porn star as well. He doesn’t and moves in with Tom for the time being and picks himself up. He has an affair with a nun.


Tommy is still having sex with his wife, even though she is now with his brother. He sees her from time to time. During this time he elaborates a plan with Angie, Johnny’s ex-wife, to make Janet and Johnny jealous. They start by faking a relationship which then ends in an affair. Janet caught them both at Tommy’s apartment and Tom looses both women from then on.


Tommy has broken things off with Sheila, but she is still madly in love with him. He still counsels her kids. When Tommy starts seeing Angie, she goes nuclear and tricks Tom into having unprotected sex with her. Tom was drugged with GHB. She also makes him believe that he had drunk alcohol again, which he didn’t at that point.


Tommy’s dad and Lou’s uncle are living together. This starts in the 11th episode and works well because Tommy’s dad needs help; two grouchy old men living together works out pretty well for the families.


Jerry, the chief, has an affair with an illegal immigrant from his wife’s home. His wife was committed because she suffers from Alzheimer’s but this ends badly when he has a heart attack at the end of 11th episode. He has had money problems the whole series because of the exorbitant monthly price of his wife’s caretaking in her home. Tommy thinks that Jerry had a heart-attack because he was using Viagra that Tommy gave him.


Tommy falls off the wagon in the 11th episode and has some scotch. He starts again with his sponsor and tries to recover from this. At the end of the 11th episode, Johnny gets shot a few times in the back and dies. Tommy gets a message from the grave when he hears the voicemails from Johnny on his machine. Johnny’s killer is just a teen who got paid 8000$ to kill Johnny. Rosemary, Tommy’s long lost sister shows up at Johnny’s funeral. Maggy and Sean get married right after the funeral in a spontaneous wedding.


As always, Tommy’s life is a rollercoaster. He sees less of Jesus and of his hallucinations of dead people he knew this year, but he still does from time to time. Also, he still is an incredible firefighter, saving the lives of his colleagues over and over. The show is like a punch in the gut and makes you rethink parts of your life. Do you want to make a difference? Why are firefighters and cops and other people who help our society so badly paid?

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4 responses to “Rescue Me Recaps and Updates S03E01-E12 (FX)”

  1. Jessica Doyle Avatar

    I love this show range! It’s very homey too me. I can relate to the truth in this show and the struggles that everyone has in life.

    Thank you for the recap.

    It’s funny you ended with

    Tommy’s life is a rollercoaster. I see this as positive. For one who rides the rollercoaster that we call life will experience all there is to experience to the fullest extent. That is when they are happy – they are very very happy and when they are sad they are verry very sad. This goes for all emotions, anger, triumph, love etc.

  2. range Avatar

    You know what Jessica, I barely remember writing that. I get into a zone when I write, kind of. I’m a bit embarrassed by the spelling mistakes, but other than that, its cool.

  3. range Avatar

    Oh, I just noticed. Parts of the quote are things that you wrote, right? Because I couldn’t find them in my post 🙂

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