Lost Season 3 Spoilers And Analysis

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/* This article was updated on the 22nd of March 2007.

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This article has been updated with more analysis on the 22nd of March 2007.


It has been rumored and somewhat confirmed that Widmore Construction, Charles Widmore’s company, is behind the building of the stations of the Dharma Initiative on the island. We also have gathered that Sun’s fathers company, Paek Heavy Industries is also involved. The producers have said that the overall themes for the 3rd season of Lost will be relationships. Between Penny and Desmond, between Charlie and Claire and Others. Also, the first episodes will cover the others and their motivations and governing principles.


There have been rumors about ancient civilizations and how it affected the island and the Others, Losties and more, however, some historical conjectures aside, there isn’t a lot to be gleaned by this. Naturally the foot with four toes is a significant part of the next season, as the producers have mentioned, it will be elaborated on next season.

There are also new rumors surfacing on how the blast doors in the hatch are made out of a nonmagnetic metal called titanium, and that Eko and Locke are still alive.

Summary of spoilers given by Damon Lindelof and Carlton Cuse:

Next season, we will understand the real ramifications of Desmond activating the failsafe and what that did. The central issue of season three will be what did happen. It sounds like Desmond’s coming back. They said they want him back, we want to know why he was in prison, we want to know what happened when he turned that key that affected the entire island. That will become very important. The island was visible but only for an instant. It was also visible for an instant on 9/22/04 when the plane crashed. The foot statue represents the history and archeology of the island. Season three will explore what happened on the island before Dharma arrived in the late 70’s and who was there. The smoke monster will definitely be back in season three. There is a good chance we saw the monster this year and didn’t realize we were looking at it. By the end of next year we will realize what it was and when we saw it. Why did the others take Jack, Kate and Sawyer? Where is their home? That will be the story told over the first six episodes. Season 3 will also be about the main characters and their relationships. They want to service the relationships next year more than the mythology. How Locke got in the wheelchair, how Jack got his tattoos will be revealed in season three.

* * * * *

Until now, most of these things have come true. There have been a few filler episodes in this season, but episodes 1 to 9 in season 3 were pretty fast on action and information. Things have slowed down a bit for episodes 10, 11 and 12 of the third season. Hopefully, we will learn a lot more in the next few episodes, since the Losties are about to confront a seemingly converted Jack at the Others’ camp in episode 13 later on this week.

We got the reason behind a small part of Jack’s tattoo. There is still more left to be answered. Eko is dead and Charlie is marked for death. Hurley’s luck isn’t that bad on the island, but what of the numbers?

I think that Mikhail from episode 11 and 12 had the most information, but one thing that we have to be careful about that, because like before, we have to remind ourselves that all Others lie. And they lie a lot. Mikhail says that his group has been on the island for years and that the man who brought them here was a visionary. And it isn’t Ben. There have been a lot of casualties of Others in this season.

Will they have to replenish their numbers again?

From what has been said, it also looks like the Others can leave the island but not return; since the magnetic event at the end of last season, the sonar buoy, has been disabled. They have commandeered the submarines that were brought to the island by the Dharma Initiative. Mikhail also says that they have been on the island a lot longer than the Dharma Initiative. After an event called the “Purge”, they killed most of the people from the Initiative.

This means that The Others and the Dharma Initiative are two distinct groups. Are there any survivors of the Initiative?

I can not tell you , you wouldn’t understand, you aren’t on the list.

List, what list?

Mikhail to Kate.

What is all this talk of purity. Kate and Sawyer were brought to the Others to join, but they didn’t, or did they? Maybe they were just there to be leverage on Jack. Maybe they only ever wanted Jack to be part of their group.

* * * * *

From the audioblog of jayandjack, there is also a wiki regrouping all of the info on the lost experience, the alternate reality game (arg) launched by abc in conjunction with the Lost tv show, to cover the summer between seasons.

Here is a nice flash microsite on Lost, the untold story from channel 4 in the uk.

A list of spoiler sites from dharmasecrets.com.

1. spoilerfix.com/lost.php
2. thetailsection.com/lost_spoilers/index.php
3. lost-tv.com/spoilers/
4. tvsquad.com/category/spoilers-anonymous/
5. approachinglost.com/category/lost-spoilers/
6. thesoapscope.net/darcy/eyespy.html
7. abc.go.com/primetime/lost/diary/
8. humpys.net/
9. comicboards.com/tvshowboards/alias/view.php?rpl=060226170829

* * * * *

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43 responses to “Lost Season 3 Spoilers And Analysis”

  1. Chris Avatar

    i am sure the black smoke has something to do with locke because eko looked at it the same way he looks at locke in the jungle when he is with charlie looking for the plane

  2. Chris Avatar

    locke is the most mysterious character in this story and i can’t wait to learn more about him

  3. range Avatar

    Yes I agree. I think that season 3 will reveal a lot of details that the viewers want to know about. I feel that the Others mystery will be somewhat elucidated.

    Thanks for your comments and welcome to The Memoirs.

  4. ian Avatar

    i think walts quite weird he seems different

  5. Danni Avatar

    I think the whole series is a focus on locke coz he is the one person being tested more than the others and seems to find out or the island reveals more information to locke. E.g in the hatch and when the hatch opened.

  6. Ashley Avatar

    I am mostly looking forward to learning more abour desmond and the smoke monster. I would also like to know why they took the children and why they wanted Claires baby so badly.

  7. Apple_ash Avatar

    I downloaded all season 2 a few months ago, and watching it again on normal televsion i thought that penny had something to do with the hanso foundation, well her father that is as his company is on the pregnancy and stuff, but still, i want to no wot the point of the hatch’s are and why kate sawyer and jack were the only ones who were taking. and who the fuck are the others, actors? with nothing better to do?

  8. bob Avatar

    i hear that the dog is the source of our problems, he really is Bouncer from Neighbours and he has set this whole thing up with Jim Robinson. Serious yeah!

  9. cain Avatar

    Well my Dad wrote Lost and i know for a fact that the series is all about Jack and his love for trees and big bird. Everytime Jack smiles this electromagnetic force surrounds the islands and captivates the viewers to his sexy ass. My Dad says that the new season starts with Jack in Birmingham meeting with Kt is secret lover but she is smoothered with marshmellows by Beth who is Jacks true love. Beth and Katie go back to the island with Jack and pick up Derek and Jack Bouer on the way, each with their own weapons to survive.

  10. steph Avatar

    Did you see at the start of season 3 when jacks plane was flying threw the air it might have been breaking threw somthing? Because why did the whole island shake? And did u notice that just before the plane broke somthing was flying beside it? Maybe somthing like a bit of metal but im sure it wasnt of the plane!
    Have you thought on why the others are trying to get rid of people? Maybe they are trying to get rid of the most powerful people first becuse Walt is very strange (weird things happen when he is scared or angry) so maybe the others knew that and got rid of him and his dad!! the black smoke might have somthing to do with eco maybe his brother or somthing? (or somone?)

  11. steph Avatar

    does any1 here watched lost season 3 yet?

  12. range Avatar

    Hello, I know that season 3 just started, but I am having problems with my computer, so I have not watched any episodes and will not be commenting about them until I do see them. Which will probably be next week.

  13. steph Avatar

    ok cool,

  14. range Avatar

    Yo. Just waiting for it to arrive on this end of the planet. I am getting the last few episodes and will keep everybody posted on theories and rumors as soon as I see them.


  15. steph Avatar

    cool, omg i cant belive that eko is dead! what a shame 😦
    i think that smoky (the smoke monster) can clone the dead (boone christain ect.

    the reason i think that the monster never killed himthe first time is because walt was there and he could controll it but now that he is gone the smoke monster will kill people because the weird man in the hatch is now controlling it! spooky

  16. C'mon Avatar

    Hi, i just read that when Lost returns in Feb there is going to be two big plot twists. 1 will involve Elizabeth Mitchell who plays Juliet shooting someone. The other twist will be to do with the island itself. There will also be a flasback episode which shows Charlie busking at a London tube station when Desomond gives him some money.

  17. C'mon Avatar

    Mr Eko is not dead, apparently he returns later in the season and not in a flashback.

  18. steph Avatar

    hey, omg aint he dead? but how could he survive the smoke? it batard him of trees and everything. i heard that locke dicovers an island secret. and it reveals a lot about the island! woo hoo

  19. C'mon Avatar

    I think that what Locke read on Mr Eko’s weapon – “Raise your eyes and look north” means that if you get to the highest point on the island and look North you will see that there are two seperate islands, which we know already from when Ben showed Sawyer. Any other theories?

  20. steph Avatar

    C’mon, yeah that could be a stong possibility. But in a few weeks John Locke is going to die….i dont know how but i saw it on a website. And the thing with Jack…..i think….he might….DIE! 😦 Because lets think about it, he is stuck in a room full of the others and kate and sawyer dont know where he is so how the hell is jack going to get out alive? and the possibilitys of kate and sawyer saving him are slim!

  21. martin bliss Avatar
    martin bliss

    there is another island, which will be revealed in the first 6 episodes (i’m in uk). jack has to perform surgery on one of the others soon, whom i believe to be ben so he has a choice to kill him but he doesnt as he realises that the others are actually good people. juliette shoots someone soon but not sure who. it is also revealed about the history of the island, like who has lived there in the past etc. turns out that suns dad’s company had a hand in building the hatches and compounds for the darmah project. i do have more but i’ll leave it a couple of weeks

  22. steph Avatar

    hey, i live in the uk aswell but i have seen them all until episode 6! hehe

    it might be jack who she shoots or……zecke! ya never no

  23. steph Avatar

    ooooooooooooo! i just had a thought!

    if martin is right, that suns dad DID have a hand in the island! he might have done it BEFORE she was born. If u think about it have the losties actully seen the real sun? as in the sky? coz it might be a project in side a big cage type thing and maybe he called his daughter Sun becuase she would be the sun there?!…..just a thought!
    And the others might be ok people and they might not have a clue what the hell is going on!

  24. C'mon Avatar

    Hmmm? Sounds a little far fetched but you never know Steph…stranger things have happend.
    Surely they can’t kill off Locke?! I’m also in the UK, but up to date. Can’t belive we have to wait until Feb to find out whats going to happen.
    So what else have you guys heard?

  25. memoirs on a rainy day Avatar

    […] My wife and I finally watched Lost S03E02, then I watched some Family Guy before falling asleep. Because of this, I rarely check one of the most popular posts on my blog, Lost Season 3 Spoiler and Analysis. […]

  26. steph Avatar

    hey, ur right stranger things have happend! lol
    what age are you C’mon?
    here is a REALLY good lost website-
    copy and paste it

  27. range Avatar

    I thought is was well known that Sun’s father was involved in the Dharma group. His construction company did a lot of work for the Dharma Initiative.

    I finally finished watching all of the episodes that have been aired. The whole Kate and Sawyer thing, well I don’t really care about it. I am more interested in The Others and what exactly they have been up to.

    Eko comes back… Well, they buried him. Unless they resurrect him or just decide to bring him back, it’s possible. But since Boone or his sister have been back, I don’t know why Eko should. Unless it is plot related.

    Notice how Desmond has become prescient. Meaning that he knows the future. It happened a few times over the last few episodes. He seems to know what will happen next. I don’t konw if Jack can die, I would be surprised.

    My guess is that Jack should use the knowledge that there are fractures in the Others facade in order to seed even more doubt into them.

    Now that I have caught up with all the episode, I can dwell again on some forums and webistes in order to analyse what we have seen in season 3. Recaps are being published as I speak.

  28. range Avatar

    In my opinion, the black smoke is some form of nanotechnological entity. Maybe a nano cloud. Micheal Crichton had a book about it called Prey, quite interesting. Due to distributed processing, intelligence emerged from these constructs.

  29. steph Avatar

    range, dont u think thats a bit far feched with the nano thing….but it could be true cause dont forget about the french woman, she was a scientist so it could be to do with her (cant remember her name).

    i really want to know how the others got their because have u noticed the black smoke thing hasnt been on (the others island!)

  30. range Avatar

    I don’t know honestly. The nanotechnology does seem a bit too futuristic for the type of show that Lost is…

    It could be anything really, since it seemed to be able to mimic other people and yes, the french woman hasn’t appeared recently.

  31. steph Avatar

    maybe she is dead or she is the black smoke

  32. steph Avatar

    hey, did u notice when Julliette showed Jack the video of her shwoing him the cards (saying Ben is a liar and all that) well did u notice what she was wearing, she is wearing the EXACTLY same outfit and hair style…(if u call it a style lol) to when the VERY first episode of the tgird season!!!! so maybe she knew that they were coming!!!

  33. marco Avatar

    hey folks, i’m italian.. here the 2nd season has just finished an di can’t wait to see how it’s gonna finish.. do you know where can i find trailers? thn bye

  34. steph Avatar

    hi, u can get good trailers on http://www.youtube.com

  35. JoanneB Avatar

    Juliet shoots Pickett. Jack stays behind to heal Ben, while kate and sawyer gt bk to there island. One of the writers has confirmed jack doesnt die. And what desmond did to the hatch before it imploded is directly connected to what happened to K/S/J. And the fact that all the children were taken has somefin 2 do wiv Juliet being a fertility doctor. This is all i know bt derz a rumor dat Claire is Jacks half sister-dey have the same dad bt i dunno iv itz true.

  36. JoanneB Avatar

    Oh an apparantly the others have a submarine that gets them from there island to the other one, and ben deffo survives cz the season 3 finale is supposed to b ben-centric.

  37. steph Avatar

    hi! i have some very interesting news! u no that micheal, kate and i THINK locke all got hit by a car, well it was the same car! look

    a golden brown car

  38. steph Avatar

    does any1 go on this anymore?

  39. range Avatar

    It still looks like people like to discuss things here. It’s one of the most popular posts on my blog.

    Thanks all you Lost fans!

  40. steph Avatar

    well some one else should discuss lost apart from me

  41. Dogger Avatar

    hello my favourite character is henry because he is the leader of the others

  42. steph Avatar

    cindy the air hostess is an other

    claire ends up in the water and desmond saves her

    jack gets snoged by some woman

    kate and sawyer get rescued

    kate and sawyer find an ally

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