Thailand Chronicles 10: On Thai Companionship And Languages

One thing that we both noticed in every single bar in Phuket, is the escort girls.

They are everywhere and leer and all the men coming by.

It is quite strange.

I have been told that most of those girls have “sponsors” from overseas, guys that send them money every month. I find it strange that they have normalized this to be included in every bar that there is in Phuket. Naturally, this is a generalization from a small sample around Ao Chalong, Hat Rawai and Hat Kata and Karon.

Though, it is strange. And I haven’t even spoken about the ladyboys. Honestly, in the part of Phuket that we live in right now, there are a few, but not as many as I was told to expect.
Companionship. The girls look for it in the men that come to visit their places.

A lot of foreigners or “farangs” come to Thailand to live out their lives in paradise.

Thailand and Phuket is paradise for a lot of people. Sun all year round, beautiful people, bronze skin and beach life is quite tantalizing for most people. In fact, I wouldn’t mind coming to Phuket or Thailand every year, it is a great place to visit and relax.

We are already planning our next trip to Thailand and Cambodia this summer. We would like to visit Laos and Vietnam, but are not sure we will have the time. For all intense and purposes, we will just plan for a 2 week trip from the north of Thailand, in Chiang-Mia, down to Sukothai and then East to Prasat Phanom Rung before entering Cambodia and staying a few days near Angkor Wat.

There is a large German and European community here in Phuket. Just today, I was in a restaurant and we were surrounded by Germans. It is funny to hear a language that I am normally the only one to speak, spoken out loud by a lot of people. I relish in talking it. I relish in talking French as well, and take every opportunity I have. We have started talking French between ourselves. Everybody understand a bit of English. But French is another matter.

I am looking forward to being able to speak the language in the old French colonies. Cambodia, Laos and Vietnam, all were part of Indochina.

* * * * *

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