Racism World Watch Part V: Senator George Allen Is A Racist Biggot

This article is part of the meta-post 4169 Words Mostly Mine or How George Allen Is A Racist Biggot. This article is part of a series of articles entitled Racism, that covers racism nationally and internationally. See the bottom of this article to see the first articles, consult the articles section or simply click here.

Senator Geoge Allen was caught on tape calling Indian American Sidarth, a James Webb supporter filming the speech for Allen’s opponent, a macaca repeatedly. It was suggested that either Allen is an idiot or a racist. I’m pretty sure it’s both. I saw the incident in question and it was definitely racist in origin from a racist pig. How stupid is this guy, because stupidity doesn’t excuse racism. It just makes the matter worse.

He also tells Sidarth “Welcome to America!” and the crowd applauds. How stupid is this shit, I’m sure Sidarth speaks better English than Allen and has been born in the USA or been in the country for years. I’m sure that in Allen’s view, America is nice and white and tidy. Oh and I’m sure that Allen doesn’t know the definition of a portmanteau. I also sure that Allen was trying to say macaque, a rhesus monkey, instead of macaca. This is even worse, because he is calling an Indian American a monkey. It’s like using the N word to describe an African American. This naturally touches a nerve since both my parents are Indian.

From Wikipedia’s entry on the racial slur macaca:

The epithet gained wider attention as the result of an August 14, 2006 incident in the Virginia senate campaign in which Virginia Senator George Allen, during a campaign event, specifically singled out Indian-American James H. Webb campaign volunteer S.R. Sidarth and used the word twice to refer to him. S.R. Sidarth was videotaping the event for the Webb campaign at the time. The remarks ignited a controversy. Allen has stated that he did not intend the remark as a slur, while his campaign variously insisted the word was either a a play on mohawk or a portmanteau word combining the words mohawk and caca to indicate shithead. However, Sidarth maintains that his hairstyle was not a mohawk, but a mullet hairstyle. Moreover, by Allen’s own admission, his mother is a caucasian French colonial born in Tunisia who emigrated to the United States following World War II.

Judge yourself


Here is the direct link for all you Mac users: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9G7gq7GQ71c

ZeFrank covering the controversy. Democratic underground, Washington Post, Crooks and Liars and The Huffington Post coverage.

The incident covered on Daily Kos. BTW, Daily Kos gets 20 million unique visitors every month and is ranked #2 on Technorati.

Google it for yourself.

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It is also part of the meta-post 4169 Words Mostly Mine or How George Allen Is A Racist Biggot.

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2 responses to “Racism World Watch Part V: Senator George Allen Is A Racist Biggot”

  1. Mr Angry Avatar

    The trouble with being a good ole boy among good ole boys is you forget yourself and you forget someone apart from good ole boys are watching. It’s obviously his true colours and the tragedy is, he’ll probably get away with it.

  2. range Avatar

    But still, what a git. “Macaca?” and “Welcome to America?”. Terrible.

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