Thai tattoo crazy or how racism is the cancer of our society


A good day, with some frustrations, brings you an interesting post on Memoirs On A Rainy Day. In this post I cover Thai style tattoos, some Big Brother and racism.

[Editor's note: this article has been partially censored due to explicit language]


My friend JSD told me that I was either full on of full off. This was concerning tattoos. I told them that if I ever got any, I'd get them pretty much everywhere, with a full on complete theme, something like Grendel teeth (from the comic Grendel by Matt Wagner) all over the body, at the gates of power, on the legs, arms and back. Now his tattoo isn't anything like this woman's. It's a full sleeve tattoo, covering most of his left arm, combining elements of Buddhism and traditional Thai tattooing. I have some pictures, but at his logical request, I am not going to post any. A shame though, because his tattoo is magnificent. Not too much in your face, very subtle and deep. A lot of shades of gray mixed in with a little bit of red, the four precepts of Buddhism shine in bright red across his forearm. A 3/4 face of Buddha adorns his shoulder.

I'm just finishing up Friday Night Live. I have to say that one of the most funny moments, was John's winge about Gaelan. Hilarious. John managed to win FNL and took Claire to the rewards room. It looks like Katie will be the one to go, though the Australian online betting site Centrebet is putting heavy odds on Jamie's departure.
The American Big Brother series will be an all-star version. However, contrary to Big Brother shows all over the world, in the American one, the public does not vote who stays in or out, the housemates decided this. This is a major problem with Big Brother USA because the housemates normally vote out the most entertaining housemates out first. This time though, the public will vote who goes into the house or who doesn't. This is all because of the success of Survivor, where the survivors vote other castaways out. CBS probably thinks that they have to use the same format as Survivor for their Big Brother series.


Now what is going on with these crazy seniors? I had one of the condo administrator come over to my condo 2 weeks ago and give me the equivalent of a stern warning to pay my condo fees. Little did he know, that I was already talking with the agency that runs our condo building. He was rude, overbearing and his attitude was totally racist. Retired french speaking Quebecois are notorious for their racist attitudes. If you are Caucasian living among Caucasians, you don't know how it feels.

As an visible minority having lived my entire life as one, in Germany, France and Canada, I can sense when people are racist towards me. It's the way they look at me, the disdain, the attitude, the way they speak. I can almost tell what they are thinking. Maybe it's because I've trained myself to read people's faces. Maybe it's because I'm a minority among so many white people. Maybe it's because you fucking racist pigs should all be fucking beat to a up to a pulp for projecting this racism. [Maybe these people should be reeducated or brainwashed to accept other cultures and values and not be bigots.]

Just now, another similar thing happened. I just walked my dog, and for no apparent reason a retired francophone Quebecois screamed after me not to let my dog urinate near the building. Can you imagine the craziness? I wasn't on the property of my condo development, I was on the sidewalk. I screamed after her "What's your problem?" Then I told her to fuck off [get away from me]. I'm not sure she heard it, I don't really care.

There are correct ways to approach any situation. Screaming to a man walking his dog 60 feet away that the dog shouldn't pee there is not the right way. I don't mind not making my dog pee there, but it won't be because of that bitch. If she had only come up to me calmly and asked, I would have immediately obliged.

[Editor's note: as usual, range should probably swallow one or two Prozacs before writing, because he gets worked up a bit when talking about some subjects.

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Now this is a great blog to find some interesting photos in the flickrverse. It hasn't been running long, but as you know, the flickrverse is expanding so rapidly that there need to be ways to access the most interesting photos. the flickr blog is one of them.

This is a ridiculously funny blog on How-tos. The blogger covers the most basic things in a step-by-step format with photos included.

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One response to “Thai tattoo crazy or how racism is the cancer of our society”

  1. Geoff Avatar

    I don’t think racism is the cancer of our society, I believe it is ignorance of all the elements that are involved in human interaction that only a few bright minds are aware of. Discrimination is a natural quality of humans and racism is just an extreme just like addiction is the extreme of attachment to something. If you want to find the cancer of society, I believe you can find a good deal of it in money, falsely posing itself as wealth and happiness. But let us not stop there thinking we’ve found an answer, our opinions have to be ongoing and evolutionary in order to change our realities. Take everything in and believe nothing. What is right is also what is wrong(vice versa), but not limited to a good versus evil paradox. If this statement is judged on the context of surface value then of course, I am wrong in some sense, but if you are a strong, deep enough sentient being you can go deeper into my meaning and find your own answers.

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