Heroes S01E18 (NBC)

Hat Karon in Phuket, Thailand. Part of the Thailand Chronicles.

You can not understand the level or sacrifice that he made so you might live. You must honor that.
The Haitian to Claire Bennet

Bennet is discussing the situation with his boss and they tell him to forget Claire, she was just an assignment. They have Parkman check up on him to see if he is telling the truth. Naturally, since the Haitian took a good part of his memories, he is.

Isaac tries to kill Peter again after he killed Simone. Peter disappears and leaves.

Hiro is trying to get in to see Linderman, and his first attempts don’t work out very well. The Haitian is on the phone talking in French. He tells them that he has the girl and asks what he should do. Someone tells him to go to Marseilles, France.

I am definitely surprised at how many subtitles and other languages there are in this series. It is most surprising from an American series. There are large portions of the show that are subtitles because there is a lot of Japanese spoken by Hiro, Ando and Hiro’s family.

Nathan Petrelli gets a meeting with his handlers from the FBI. They tell him that he has to record a meeting with Linderman.

Silar believes that he has tapped a really good vein with Dr. Suresh, however Mohinder surprises him and drugs him.

Hiro meets Nathan and he helps him to get into Linderman’s collection. Claire wants to be with Peter in NYC, but the Haitian will not have any of it. However, she steals his boarding pass and escapes his care.

Bennet is on assignment to clean up Isaac’s mess. Candace, Bennet’s new partner, is some sort of a metamorph. However, it doesn’t look like she is a straight metamorph; some form of reality or perceptual reality manipulation is involved, because she made the body of Simone disappear as well as the blood when she took her appearance.

Nikki is trying to reach out to her husband, but Jessica is still in control.

Mohinder is torturing Silar with sound, and keeping him sedated with curare. Mohinder decides not to kill Silar but to study him as much as he can. He calls him a parasite. His father called him patient zero.

As the FBI agents listen in to Nathan, Jessica comes in and executes them.

Hiro made it inside and found the sword, only to be trapped inside with the curator, who gets knocked out by… Ando!

Dr. Suresh gets the answers he wants, and then tries to kill Silar, but it’s too late; Silar stopped the IV hours ago and takes control of the situation.

When Nathan gets back to his hotel room, he gets confronted by Nikki, who was able to take control of her body again. She tells him that Linderman knows that he turned on him and that the FBI agents are dead. She came to warn Nathan.

Mr. Bennet gets back to his hotel room and talks with his wife. He doesn’t know that Candace took his wife’s place and that the company is now aware of his betrayal.

When Hiro finds the sword, he gets control back of his powers and sends himself and Ando into the future.

Claire goes to Peter’s apartment and meets her grandmother, Nathan’s and Peter’s mother. She talks badly in French with the Haitian. They say that she found her own way and at least, she will be safe here.

Nathan meets Mr. Linderman, played by Malcolm McDowell. He almost shoots him, but Linderman offers him the White House in a few years. Linderman knows a lot about Nathan and Peter as well as all the others with powers out there. Nathan can’t shoot the man.

Peter walks into Dr. Suresh’s apartment, only find him pinned to the ceiling and Silar getting ready to open up his skull.

* * * * *

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