Weeds S03E10 (Showtime)

Nancy is doing well. Better than she expected. She gets a surprise from the DEA. Things are looking up finally.

Nancy turns around a lot of weed pretty fast. Doug is pretty happy about it. Silas is still getting used to working with Conrad. Nancy’s pushers sell a lot of drugs. Celia is going mad taking care of Dean. Doug is in hot water about some money. Sullivan sees Nancy once more.

It was an excellent episode, with certain plot points actually being resolved. I like how Peter’s death didn’t really affect Nancy that much. Still Nancy gets some more obstacles from her entourage. At least her kids are doing well. I recommend Weeds.

Warning: Spoilers ahead.

* * * * *

Things are working well for Nancy. She’s already got 20K back from Doug’s initial investment. Doug wants to keep the money and invest it again. He says that there is no more Agrestic, only a new city.

Dean is enjoying torturing Celia. She has to change his diapers.

Nancy gets a call from Roy Till from the DEA. He’s asking her to come down. He has called her down the office so that she can get his pension checks. On top of that, she gets the life insurance. He wants to the whole thing to remain in the past.

Conrad is schooling Silas in the art of growing pot. Silas brings money over to Conrad so that Nancy can get more product.

Valerie wants a playdate for Tim and Shane. Shane doesn’t like the idea. Valerie knows that Nancy married Pete. Valerie wants the money. She’s being a bitch. They make up. I wonder if Nancy will give her the money for real.

Doug is in trouble. Majestic is checking the books. Doug took 100K from Agrestic. He used 50K for laser eye surgery. He needs to put 100K back into the books.

Nancy confesses to Andy that because of her Pete died.

Sullivan comes over to see Celia. She puts Dean in a cupboard and threatens him with a week without changing her diaper. Celia tries to have sex with Sullivan but he hears Doug. They don’t have sex.

Nancy has to lend Doug 100K for him to pay back Agrestic. That means she only has a few thousand dollars to give to Valerie. Valerie is pissed.

At dinner with her ex-family, Celia breaks down and cries.

Nancy quits her job and she has goodbye sex with Sullivan. Celia sees them going at it like animals.

* * * * *

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