Raines S01E02 (NBC)

More Hong Kong.

I find that Raines is a maturing into a good show. Good shows always have quirky characters in them, and what’s more quirky than a police detective hallucinating the victims that he is investigating?

Raines uses a form of projection to actualize all of the information that he discovers about the victim. These hallucinations/projections also help him play devil’s advocate easier than normally, because there is a constant discourse between him and them.

Madeleine Stowe plays Raines’ therapist.

Warning: Spoilers ahead.

The light show at Victoria Harbor in Hong Kong.


Detective Raines investigates the murder of a floater, someone about whom he doesn’t know anything. At the same time, his boss wants him to go into therapy for 10 sessions because he has been acting strange since the murder of his partner. The chief thinks that his partner grounded Raines in reality, but ever since he died, Raines is just off his game. Still, Raines is solving cases in his strange ways.

During the autopsy, they find out that the John Doe is Mexican. He finds out that he has come to LA with his wife and family. The victim had the picture of a local Hispanic politician with him, one that is known for being anti illegal immigration.

After investigation a few leads, Raines finds out that the politician isn’t telling him all of the story. It comes to light that the man was actually the long lost son of the politician; he came so that his father could meet his grandson.

By analyzing an old decomposed photograph found at the murder scene, we find out that the victim actually had a photo of the councilman, when he was a lot younger in Mexico.

Putting two and two together, Raines arrests the councilman who confesses to defending himself; he thought that the man was pulling out a gun, so he shot him. When he examined the body, he saw that he didn’t have a gun, so he dumped his body to cover up his mistake.

* * * * *

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