Weeds S03E09 (Showtime)

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Nancy is surprised by Valerie, Peter’s ex. Things are going better for her at last. She brings her motley crew together to strategize. Strangely enough, Doug and Dean aren’t that involved except for funding issues.

Sullivan retracts some bribes and lands into trouble. Dean has an accident and Celia doesn’t want to deal with it since they are divorced. Doug has some fun at someone else’s expense. This was a great episode of Weeds. It’s hard to believe that the season is aleady coming to a close soon. There are only 6 more episodes left. What I really enjoy is that the writers and producers aren’t afraid to make big changes in characters. The premiere of the third season was the most watched episode of Weeds until now.

Warning: Spoilers ahead.

* * * * *

Nancy still wants to talk with Valerie. They have coffee, but it doesn’t really work well.

Dean is busy riding his hog. He joins up with a few new pals, or so he thought. They drive him off the side of the road.

Nancy has a meeting with her crew. Silas wants to bring in Tara who has decided to sell pot for Nancy. Valerie stops by for some reason. She apologizes. They decide to have dinner together tomorrow.

Isabelle calls her mom Celia to find out if she knows if something happened with her dad Dean. Dean is still lying in the ditch. A dog pees finds him and pees on his face.

Silas has problems with Nancy’s plans for him. She pulls him from his dealing gig and wants to take him to the grow-op.

Celia and Sullivan are fooling around. They are ecstatic that Agrestic agreed to merge with Majestic. Isabelle phones her mom to tell her that Dean is in the hospital. His recovery is going to be long and arduous.

Doug is informed that his golf membership bribe has been revoked. Nancy goes to see Conrad and wants him to teach Silas to grow.

Andy and Doug visit Dean in the hospital. They decide to steal some of his morphine and have some fun, while Dean can only groan.

Valerie and Nancy are having a good time together.

While Sullivan unveils his new platform for Majestic, the sewers overflow. It’s payback from Doug for revoking his bribe. The main reason why Majestic and Agrestic merged was to for waste reasons.

* * * * *

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