Weeds S03E12 (Showtime)

Aguatecture has landed Nancy in hot water with Celia again, but she now knows how to handle blackmailers. Doug continues to plague Sullivan. Doug really got screwed in Sullivan’s deal. He is no longer on the town council and Sullivan revoked his bribe. But no worries, Doug got back at him.

Andy inadvertently meets the competition. Nancy’s competition in the weed market that is. Nancy used to do things halfway, but now she is really acting like a smart drug dealer. She’s no longer afraid to assume the mantle.

This was another excellent show. I really liked how Nancy is now this full on drug dealer, in touch with her dark side. She no longer deals on the side. She is a distributor and producer.

Warning: Spoilers ahead.

* * * * *

Celia comes by to make her demands of Nancy. Nancy takes a knife to Celia’s throat. She tells her that she will kill her. Shane interrupts. It’s Celia’s cue to leave.

Doug is talking with Andy. He’s pissed at Sullivan. Andy gets Dean. He takes Dean to a handicapped basketball match. Andy brought Dean so that he could hit on a girl named Denise. She’s here with her brother. She leaves him her address.

Heylia is meeting her landlord. He tells her that the fire department will be by tomorrow morning for a fire inspection. Heylia tells Conrad and Silas. They call Nancy. Conrad tells Nancy that she needs to find a place to put the plants.

Celia is dealing with some medical bills. Nancy comes by and tells her that she wants to rent her empty house. Nancy has to pay 15K a month. Nancy pays her right away. Conrad starts to move the plants into the house.

Sullivan shows up at Doug’s place. He wants to know where the cross is. Doug stole a cross off Sullivan’s church. Doug denies everything.

Some strange guy is there waiting for Andy. He tells Andy that Mrs. Botwin should buy some of his product, since it’s local. Andy just met the competition.

Nancy asks Conrad about Silas. He tells her that Silas is gifted. She asks him if she is a bad person. He says no. They have sex.

* * * * *

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