Brotherhood True Love Tends To Forget S02E06 (Showtime)

Tommy makes a fatal mistake that might cost him the election. Tommy is also quite distracted with his mistress. Mike continues to have problems, but finds a way to deal with his issues with Freddie. Eileen is back home and things are better, but for how long?

I’m not surprised that Mike decided to get rid of Freddie. I’m just surprised that he didn’t just whack him. The transition of power is made easier by the way he took out Freddie.

I liked this episode. It looks like Tommy is going to have some problems in the election. The loss of the Latino vote will hurt him dearly. I also enjoyed how Mike god rid of Freddie. It was pretty cool, but Freddie will know that there was a rat.

Warning: Spoilers ahead.

* * * * *

Kath is clearing up a room for the baby. Tommy is having dinner with his wife. It’s a cold affair. Mike goes out and douses a car with gas. Declan is in the car with Freddie. Freddie tells him that it’s his place that they are torching. Mike has Colin drive the car. He isn’t sure about his aptitude with driving because of the seizures. Mike goes to a whorehouse and watches girls screw themselves with dildos. It’s Moe’s birthday. Mike isn’t participating.

Mike has a talk with Freddie later on. About marriage and baptism. Afterwards, Freddie makes sure that he screws Mike over again. Mike isn’t happy. Freddie is cutting into his profits.

He sees a lot of drug activity in the neighborhood of his wife’s aunt.

Peggy takes Eileen to a brunch with other politician wives. None of them enjoy the sex they have with their husbands.

Tommy is with his mistress. They are having exotic fruits for breakfast. Tommy says the wrong word and she freaks out on him.

Mike goes to see Ralph, Declan’s old partner. He wants to give him info about Freddie.

Rose is having a little get together and Evelyn has a cerebral stroke. She isn’t going to make it. She is plugged on life support.

Tommy asks Mike if he is involved with the Dominican drug dealers. Mike says of course not. Tommy asks him if he would mind if they disappeared. Mike says no.

Tommy tries to make a move on his wife. She doesn’t want to.

Declan is told by Alice that Mike will become a confidential informant. He wants to spill the beans on Freddie. Alice warns Giggs that if anything gets back to Freddie, he’ll know where it came from.

Tom has to grease the wheels of justice in order to get the cops to stop the drug operation. He has to get an amendment to the budget for Kevlar vests.

Colin wants Mike to be in charge. Mike tells him to shut up. Mike goes to see the banker that works for the mob. He has been laundering money. Mike should look in for the mortgage. He makes an appointment for Freddie with the banker. The cops are listening in to the meeting.

The cops bust the Dominican drug operation. It’s an impressive sight. Tommy is told that they will be back in a week. The mayor is using the arrests to promote his campaign. Tommy is worried. The mayor tells him that he won’t be needing Tommy’s help for his reelection campaign.

Eileen goes to a political function. She meets Peggy and Judd.

Mike is at Freddie’s place. Freddie is having fun with his kids. Freddie is arrested. Mike goes home and paints with Kath. He tells her that he can’t do it. He means the baby. That he can’t handle this right now.

Tommy is having sex with his mistress. He continues to complicate his life with Dana. Dana is starting to feel something for Tommy, but he won’t let it interfere in his life.

May tells Rose that she signed the papers and that Evelyn is dead. Rose is pissed at her stupid and dim-witted friend.

Tommy finds the Irish mob has taken the place of the Dominicans. His posters are being defaced and vandalized with the word fascism. He’s made an enemy of the Latin Council. He’s probably lost their votes in the process.

Mike is told that Freddie isn’t going to get bail. Mike is taking Freddie’s place. Moe isn’t happy.

* * * * *

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