The Unwisdom of Crowds, Introduction

This article is part of the meta-post Racism Rampant or how Jamie won Big Brother Australia. This article covers the unwisdom of crowds and the mob mentality. It is the first in a series of articles.

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After reading Marc Fawzi’s articles on the wisdom of crowds, I was confronted with the unwisdom of crowds, which is actually the mob mentality. It has been proven that the more people are together, the less intelligent decisions will be taken because of mob mentality.

How does this translate to the memediggers and the blogosphere? It is a fact that mob mentality is somewhat diffused since people are normally only congregating in virtual meeting places. So in effect, the mob mentality might not be as strong. Yet it is still fickle and the phenomenon of getting “dugg” is quite a testament to that fact.


It has been shown that stories stay popular at the most for 36 hours in the blogosphere. It’s almost like an antigen system, an immune system of the blogosphere comes and culls or wipes out the viral contents of some stories. Or is it more akin to a brushfire burning itself out, loosing its intensity?

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4 responses to “The Unwisdom of Crowds, Introduction”

  1. Jessica Doyle Avatar

    Both analogies you mention at the end are plausable. The one though about the brushfire loosing it’s intensity describes well how we as humans can run with the best but eventually need to to take a break to recouperate only to begin running again. It is comparible to life and death.

    born, live, die.

    ignite, burn, ash.

    digg, dugg, done

  2. range Avatar

    digg dugg done, I like that one a lot Jessica!

    Yeah, the brushfire analogy is quite adequate I feel for this type of mentality. I wonder what will happen later on, when inference agents and AI research will modernize the web even further.

  3. Jessica Doyle Avatar

    LOL. That is funny you mention AI. The image in my last post
    was just that. In late 2004 one night when I was hoping the computer would respond to my inquiries I became so flustered! I drew that image as result and wrote a poem to go with it.

    Read this thinking you are flying in space and you are Luke Skywalker. That was the state of mind I had found myself in…

    Almost there…
    command on target
    the understanding is close
    al…..most there

    An enticing medium is completely intriging me
    at my senses
    But I control the other
    I tell it what I want it do
    through the use of my hands and eyes.

    I wait for the day
    when I can speak to it
    A.I. perhaps

    When our eyes will meet (insert little tiny drawn image of the computer eye and the human eye) and,
    we will understand eachother.

    Anywho – happy poetry day!

  4. range Avatar

    Hey, thanks for the great comment Jessica!
    reminds me of the sequence in the Star Wars movie when he was trying to fire a torpedo into the 1st Death Star!

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