Articles Section Has Been Updated

I have updated the Articles section with an alphabetical index, so that the different series of articles are easily accessible.

All of the posts on now have social site sharing buttons at the bottom (Digg, Reddit, flurl, and others). I really want to thank Daniel Gr from who had helped me configure the new blog very well. He’s been doing most of the harder parts. I’ve just been playing with the K2 theme. Right now, he is in the process redesigning

To check up what he is up to, read his blog on WP. He is still modifying a gallery/photoblog application for (which will take photos directly from Zooomr or flickr and showcase them), which is slowly becoming the official Memoirs blog.

If you are looking for a blog hosting or web hosting service with excellent service, check him out. His prices are great too.

If you really want to know, Daniel installed the Sociable plugin for WP.

* * * * *

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Kenny Maths

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I'm mathematician/IT strategist/blogger from Canada living in Taipei.

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