Weeds Go S03E15 (Showtime)

It’s the season finale of the third season of Weeds and things are once again shaken up. The fires started by Guillermo have spread and are swallowing up Majestic.

Nancy has to make some tough decision while she evacuates her family. In the end, she decides to leave Majestic. The cops are aware of her because of Doug. Doug stole the cross and put it in the grow house. Conrad used the cross as a lighting fixture for his pot plants. The cops found the cross thanks to some IR footage. They find Sullivan who says it’s Celia’s house. Celia says she rented it out to Nancy.

That’s the way that the cookie crumbled. I thought this was a good ending to the season. Nancy had too many people involved. It was bound to hit some problems. Shane also admits to Isabelle that the doesn’t really hallucinate his father. Doug was pretty funny singing these insulting songs on his banjo. It was quite entertaining. I recommend Weeds, it’s a great show.

Warning: Spoilers ahead.

* * * * *

The Botwins are watching the news about the Majestic inferno. Nancy tells her family to pack up. They are leaving. Guillermo set the fires on the pot fields of the bikers in retaliation for beating up Silas.

Celia has a fight with a firefighter. She sees the fighting as a prelude for sex. She gives him her number.

Conrad and Heylia are packing up the pot plants. Dean shows up at the shelter. Nancy has to use reverse psychology on Shane’s hallucination of Judah. Andy is rallying the troops to sell some pot at the shelter.

Silas wants his pot seedlings and Nancy goes to pick them up. It’s another chance to be near Conrad.

The cops break into Celia’s house. It’s because of the cross that they saw on the IR views. They find the grow house.

Doug is singing annoying songs to the Jesus freaks. It’s kind of funny.

Sullivan gets called in by the cops. He says that the house belongs to Celia Hodes.

The people at the shelter are made aware that they found the cross. The congregation wants to find it. Tara is joining them.

Nancy meets Guillermo. She is pissed at Guillermo. Guillermo is all philosophical about the town burning down.

The cops get Celia. She tells them about Nancy.

Meanwhile Nancy goes to her house and plans to set it on fire. She calls Andy to get the kids ready to leave.

* * * * *

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