SURYA Sunscreen Sculpture: A Creative Way to Deal with Unwanted Solar Glare

This awesome sunscreen looks like it would be at home in deep space, but it’s actually designed for the arts district in Dallas, Texas. The sculpture/sunscreen was commissioned by the police to protect us from brain scans by aliens (NOT!).

surya solar sculpture 1 620x417

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Ark Nova: The Inflatable Building That Fits in Your Pocket (Not!)

Inflatable buildings are definitely an interesting way of creating temporary structures, like for concerts, weddings, etc. This particular blow-up building concept has been in the works for at least a year and it looks pretty impressive.

ark nova 1 620x386

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Stone Spray Robot, The In Situ Robotic 3D Printer

The Stone Spray robot was created as a 3D printer to produce architecture out of soil. While technically speaking, this robot wasn’t designed to create art, the results of its efforts and the research project sure look like some interesting sculptural works.

stone spray robot 3d printer architecture beach

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Basque Health Headquarters In Bilbao

Basque health department headquarters in Bilbao, Spain
Basque health department headquarters in Bilbao, Spain

A beautiful looking building in Bilbao. It turns out that this strange looking surface is just a sort of skin, not the structure of the building.

Same building with the skin apparent during a night shot.
Same building with the skin apparent during a night shot.

Taipei 101’s 728 Ton Damper

Taipei 101’s 728 ton damper was featured on BLDGBLOG.

Shiro Hair Salon

The Shiro hair salon was designed in 1980 by Takuya Hosokai and Hiromasa Mori. It’s located in Fukui Japan.

Out Of This World Architecture

Out of this world architecture from the winners of the nVidia nvart challenge.

The Lilypad

The Lilypad is a project for the Climate Refugees – A Floating Ecopolis For Climate Refugees. It is a solution for the water rising, each floating cities designed to hold around 50,000 people. Lilypad travels on the water line of the oceans, from the equator to the poles following the marine streams warm ascending of the Gulf Stream or cold descending of the Labrador. (via lemonspank)