Post-Black Friday Blues: Did You Get Your Shopping Done?

112910creditcard.jpgIt’s Cyber Monday, and a lot of us are returning back to work after a nice time off over the last few days. It has been quite relaxing, unless you spent most of your Friday battling the crowds to get your Christmas shopping done during Black Friday. Did you manage to get everything done or do you still have to shop?

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20 Best Strategies for a Successful Black Friday

This is it, the day that most shoppers have been waiting for all year. Black Friday shopping is a boon to retailers and to shoppers alike, but for some, it’s easier than others thanks to what they’ve discovered. Marrying low-tech lists and mobile devices is the way to go this year to ensure that you get all of the deals that you’ve been itching for. Below, we list 20 bits of advice for shoppers to consider for today and all this weekend that may make braving the crowds and finding those dream discounts easier.

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On This Holiday, How Much Time Are You Spending Offline?

When I get free time, from work and from my assignments, I like to spend it completely offline. While I do keep some tabs in my Firefox browser open while I surf the Internet, after a certain time I close them all. In fact, I relish when I don’t have to check my email and when I don’t have to be available. Are you going to spend any time offline this holiday season?

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How Are You Spending the Friday After Thanksgiving?

112610_rg_AntiBlackFriday_01.jpgEven though it’s Black Friday and people are busting down the doors to buy the latest tech deals from big box electronics stores, I’m spending the time at home. I won’t be buying anything today and while this isn’t a possibility for everyone, I find that opting out of consumerism is a nice way to spend the holidays.

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Amazon & Milo Apps Arm You With Discount Pricing Tools

112410pricecheck.jpgIf you’re getting yourself mentally ready to hit the crowds this week for this year’s Black Friday sales, don’t forget to check out the latest apps that will help in this task. Pen and paper are so last generation when it comes to checking out where to go and for double-checking prices while you’re shopping…there are apps for that now!

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5 Great Black Friday Apple Deals From Amazon

We love our PCs, but there’s just something about Macs that makes even PC afficionados lust after them. The main reason why not everyone in the world has more Macs is because they are more expensive than PC laptops. Luckily, this Black Friday, you’ll find the best Apple deals not at the Apple store, but at Amazon’s Apple Store, and you can shop from your computer!

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Life Black Friday S02E08 (NBC)

Life stars Damian Lewis as Charlie Crews, a police detective who was recently exonerated of a series of murders after having spent 12 years in jail for life. There was a conspiracy to send him to jail. Part of the reason that he as able to last as long in jail was to get back and to find out why he was setup. The setup involves the killing of the Seybolt family. Crews recently discovered Rachel Seybolt alive. She’s been living with him.

Warning: Spoilers ahead.
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Deadly Black Friday

A Walmart employee in Long Island was trampled to death by the crowds. 2 dead in a Toys’R’Us shooting fighting over Black Friday sales. Conflicting reports have emerged on exactly what happened.