Lockheed Martin Develops Drone to Ferry Cars Around

There are plenty of drone variants available, but Lockheed Martin is pushing the boundaries of drone warfare thanks to their Transformer TX drones, which will be able to transport cars to and from the battlefield.

lockheed martin darpa transformer tx drone

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DARPA Program Takes Advantage of Floating Icebergs


If the Arctic continues to melt, there could be more military and commercial activity in this environment. DARPA is working on an all-seeing network of sensors that will track what is happening in the Arctic all year long. This network will include sensors placed on icebergs.

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Raytheon JLENS Defense System Features Aerostats


US Defense contractor Raytheon recently successfully tested the Joint Land Attack Cruise Missile Defense Elevated Netted Sensor System (JLENS) over the Great Salt Lake in Utah. The test involved the radar’s ability to track multiple fast and high speed vessels, potentially giving ship commanders situational awareness of all threats that he or she might face.

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Giant US Defense Spy Blimps to Roam Afghan Skies

While this massive blimp looks pretty awesome, I’m just sad that it’s a spy drone and not a passenger airship, allowing people to take leisurely trips around the world (à la Fringe). The awkwardly-named Blue Devil Block 2 dwarfs a nearby 18-wheeler, allowing you to fathom its gigantic size.

us military blimp airship fringe spy drone

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Boston Dynamics BigDog Robot: Will it Eat PIGORASS for Lunch?

A reader pointed out that the PIGORASS four-legged robot was somewhat flimsy (I don’t agree) compared to this more sturdy offering from Boston Dynamics. They call it the BigDog and it will most probably eat your real dog for lunch (it can be weaponized).

boston dynamics big dog robot darpa defense

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Shadowhawk: RC Copter from Hell

When you think about RC helicopters, the word lethal isn’t really something that pops into mind, but it might when you see this one. The Shadowhawk helicopter is remote-controlled and can fire stun batons, shotgun shells and grenades at your enemies.

shadowhawk rc helicopter vanguard defense

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BodyGuard: Futuristic Gauntlet Stun Gun Becomes Reality

It’s surprising how some tech that you thought belonged in science-fiction can actually become reality. The BodyGuard is a stun gun that is housed in a futuristic gauntlet and will “add” an extra 300,000+ volts to any punch you land. Talk about knocking someone’s socks off!


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Move Over Sci-fi, Robot Exoskeletons Are Coming Thanks to Raytheon

Ah Raytheon, just the name scares some guys silly. Raytheon is a defense contractor and they’ve released some new information and videos of their new exoskeleton called the XOS 2. And no, this isn’t science-fiction.

raytheon xos exoskeleton defense science-fiction iron man

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