Neue Werkstatt NW3 Sustainable Speakers: Woody Goodness

Wood is the go-to material when you design speaker enclosures, and these new ones from Neue Werkstatt (German for “new factory”) really let the natural look of wood shine through.

neue werkstatt nw3 wood speaker

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QLOCKTWO W Wristwatch Puts Time into Words

Remember that awesome wall clock that told the time with words instead of numbers? The QLOCKTWO was then offered as an alarm clock as well. Now, Biegert & Funk have announced the QLOCKTWO W, a wristwatch version of their famous wordy design.

qlocktwo w watch

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3D QR Code Block Can’t Decide If It’s a Stool or a Light

This three-dimensional QR code block looks pretty interesting. What’s even more unusual is that it can also be used as a stool or a mood light. It can also be scanned with your smartphone, as usual with a QR code reader app.

qr code smartphone stool mood light design elena belmann

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The German Mac Mini + iMac Home Office Combination

We’ve seen a couple of people using the Mac Mini + MacBook Pro home office combination, but what if you need a bit more power? That’s when the iMac comes into play and Ronny just added one to his minimal home office. His desk is one extremely clean, making it stand out from the others that we’ve seen.

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AX Lightness Will Produce the AX Alpha 580-Gram Frame

AX Lightness ALPHA

It looks like AX Lightness will be jumping onto the lightweight frame bandwagon. This is an interesting development.

Weight: 580 g in size S
Price (frame): 3900 €
Price (frame+fork+headset): 4600 €

This makes deciding upon my German weight weenie an easy choice.

Vivia’s Reply

That’s a bit harsh there Viv, sure it sucks when someone steals your photo from the internet and uses it as their profile pic, but it’s not the end of the world.

LA Ink

I didn’t know that Kat Von D was latin. With a name like Drachenberg, I thought that she was German or Austrian. In the latest episode, she makes the cover of Latina magazine. She tells how she was born in Mexico and that her parents are from Argentina. After quickly reading her biography, it turns out that her dad René is of German descent. Makes sense.

Some people get the ugliest tattoos, but the artists at LA Ink are really good.

Mate Universe

This video is the work of the German motion designer Jan Mathias Steinforth conceived for the Advanced Beauty project.

Mareen Fischinger’s Voice

Ever wondered what Mareen’s voice sounded like? Head on over to her Muxtape site to hear her speak in German. Since I speak German, it was entertaining. I gather that she’s also a voice actress and she’s got a sexy voice. I wonder what Vivia’s voice is like.

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