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Mr. Heater Portable Propane Heaters


When temperatures are plummeting and you don’t have a fireplace, and there’s the possibility of a power failure, then indoor-safe propane heaters are a good alternative way to heat up your home. The Mr. Heater Portable Propane Heaters will provide hours of safe heat during your next emergency and they will also allow you to reduce the cost of your heating bill.

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Brrr! Space Heaters for Rooms Small, Medium, and Large

111612_rg_SpaceHeater_01.jpgIt’s definitely getting chilly, which means time to bring out the blankets and turn on the heater. However, whether it’s due to spotty building heating or trying to be a bit more frugal with the monthly power bill, a space heater can be not only the more energy efficient option, but the faster way to warm up a room…

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The Hagent Robotic Heat Redistributor: I Come in Heat!

If you’re like most of us, your home probably has uneven spots of heat and cold when you’ve got your heater runnning. The Hagent is a device which is supposed to redistribute heat from where it’s hot to the colder parts of your home. It was designed by Daniel Adendroth and Andreas Meinhardt and they presented it at the International Design Competition Émile Hermès in Paris where it won Second Prize.

hagent robot heater

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Room-Based AC Cheaper to Run Than Central AC

071009AC-10000E02.jpgIt’s no secret that running the air conditioner eats up a lot of juice during the summer. It’s also quite evident that room-based ACs use less power than central AC. The only surprise is by how much!

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Pimp Your Seats With Seat Heating

Are you finding your leather seats too cold? Well, look no further, because we’ve found an idea that’s quite interesting. It involves installing some seat heating into your seats to make them warmer in cooler temperatures.

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The Elegant Hanging Tiki Column Radiator By ADhoc

110409_rg_tikiradiator_01.jpgIt’s hard to describe what you feel when you look at this. Would you believe that it’s actually a radiator? Carlo Martino totally changed what we’d expect from a radiator, by making it incredibly beautiful and functional at the same time.

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Trane’s Deluxe Programmable Digital Thermostat

110309_rg_tranexl800_01.jpgEveryone knows that using a programmable thermostat is a must if you heat during winters. The trouble is that most people don’t know how to program them or they just don’t do it. Most of the costs of these thermostats is offset within a year, making them ideal to save some money this winter.

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