How to Avoid Camera Loss

Well, that’s not exactly true.

Let’s say that someone “finds” it. Andrew McDonald came up with a novel idea on how to guilt-trip {burden their conscience} the person into bringing back his camera. He always keeps these 25 images on his compact flash card, in a separate folder. That way it won’t be erased when new pictures are taken. Someone put the images in a nicely animated GIF.

Animated GIF of the 25 images

Voices On Shyftr

Shyftr is a service that aggregates different types of feeds. The main difference from other such types of services, is that it enables users to comment on those feed items away from where it originally came. Kind of like if you could post your comments directly through Google Reader, without posting them on the original blog or site.

Who owns this post? Are pageviews still relevant? Should blog content creators be upset? Is Shyftr crossing the line? Let it all just go?

The good, the bad and the quite ugly news of Shyftr.

The name of the service is quite appropriate. It shifts your audience away from your blog. Über bloggers don’t really care and are quick to dismiss it, but what about the little guys who aren’t yet making 6 or 7 figure salaries?

I don’t like Shyftr.