Big Brother UK 8 Day 61

Charley is being interviewed by Dermot and admits she needs anger management. She blames the other HM. She doesn’t understand why she was so hated by the viewers.

She sees how Bryan reacted to one of their arguments. He is crying in the diary room.

Warning: Spoilers ahead.

David, one of the new ½ HM, was well received by the HM. Later, Amy went in. Chanelle doesn’t like her. The HM found Jonty a bit strange with the teddy bears.

The fire alarm sounded and the HM had to be evacuated. The HM got to meet the ½ HM in the halfway house.

Chanelle still wants to go home. She got her suitcase on Sunday. She said goodbye to Ziggy but decided later to sleep on it.

On Friday Night

Charley has just been evicted from the BBUK house. Gerry starts to cry when he hears the boos from the door. The other HM find this funny, including Chanelle, Liam and Ziggy.

The current HM learn that there are other people in the house, the ½ HM. David is in the diary room. Gerry thinks that David is completely gay. The HM will choose two ½ HM to become full HM out of the five ½ HM. David is sent to the main house.

Some of the HM recognize David from the auditions. The girls squeal.

½ HM are in the halfway house dormitory. Jonty admits to being a virgin and that he isn’t interested in sex. Amy and the other ½ HM try talking to Brian. Brian tells all the other HM.

David says that he’s tried being gay, but goes both ways from his conversation with Gerry.

Shanessa tells Jonty that she always wanted to be Jewish, because of the clothes and all of the rich things that they get. Jonty is Jewish.

David is talking to Liam and Gerry about the way it’s going to go down on Monday. He wants their votes and tells them that his fate is in their hands.

Brian and Ziggy scream at the door. Brian deduces that Amy fancies Liam. Kara-Louise makes it up by telling Brian that she likes him. Shanessa thinks that she is about to go into the main BBUK house. Jonty is just crazy, playing with his teddies. He should maybe play with his dinkle a bit more or with girls.

David is talking about paganism and his beliefs. Gerry likes David a lot. Maybe it’s because he needs sex. Carole is weary of David.

Jonty is weird. He likes getting together with pretty people, boys and girls, and giving and receiving spankings. The ½ HM have chosen Amy to be the next ½ HM to go into the BBUK house.

Amy is talking about Jonty. She starts slagging him off to the other HM. She tells them that he talks to his teddys and that he likes spankings. Brian pulls Amy away to give her a tour.

Chanelle is jealous of Amy. She thinks that Zach fancies her. She is putting on her make-up and accessorizing. She told Zach that she would not be happy if Amy got voted in. Amy talks about how she became a glamour model.

Ziggy is talking about Chanelle to BB. He finds that Chanelle is used to be in the center of attention. When she doesn’t get enough attention, she gets it from someone else. He talks about how she feels threatened. He finally started noticing the dark side of Chanelle. She isn’t mature enough.

Amy is back with the other ½ HM. Brian doesn’t like David. Samanda tell Gerry that they saw it as well. Gerry does talk down to Brian.

Jonty is next to go into the house. He is a complete nutter. Anyone talking with plush toys is mental. Liam wonders how long he can cuddle with one of his teddys until Jonty looses it.

The HM hear the fire alarm and are instructed by BB to get out of the house. Someone from the production crew tells them that they can go back inside. As the fire alarm has gone off, all of the doors in the BBUK house automatically unlock. The HM meet all of the ½ HM.

Carole is in the bedroom repairing one of Jonty’s teddys. Jonty is using an American accent. Tracey thinks that Jonty is fake and tells Gerry and Carole.

Gerry is in the diary room talking about Ziggy and Chanelle. Zigs and Chanelle are talking. Ziggy tells her that he is depressed and not feeling their relationship so much. He tells her that she craves attention, not just from him but from everyone. She is a bit of a hypochondriac. She tells him that she doesn’t want to live with him anymore.

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