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A slight oversight on my part, I forgot to post last week’s Dexter review and recap. I was about to posts this week’s when I realized the mistake. Anyways, I’m head over heels busy at the moment writing Symria for NaNoWriMo.

In this week’s episode, Doakes deals with someone who has a similar military background as him. Dexter discovers more than he bargained for about Lila. Deb continues to work well for Lundy. Rita’s mother turns up and turns Dexter’s private life upside down.

This was another great episode from Dexter. I’m really enjoying this series. The addition of Lila was simply brilliant. She is helping him deal with things he never thought about. Dexter character just gets developed that much further. I recommend Dexter, it’s a great show.

Warning: Spoilers ahead.

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Dexter feels the heat of the federal investigation on his back. Rita’s mom is coming to visit and she is cleaning up the house. Dexter is getting paranoid at work.

At almost paranoid moments, we imagine that everyone is talking about you.

Lundy makes a report to his taskforce. He says that 13 out of 18 were murder suspects. The Bay Harbor Butcher is only targeting felons or murder suspects. The captain wants to inform the public immediately to keep the peace. Vince tells Dexter that he has an important lead in the case. Dexter knows he needs to calm down and goes to see his sponsor Lila.

Lila is an artist. She uses mannequins in strange ways. They go out to buy some art supplies. For Lila, getting art supplies means driving down a small intricately sculpted bronze pole and jacking it. She then steals some wind chimes. She says that she works with found art. Lila says that he doesn’t know himself. She says that she will make him accept and know who he is.

Dexter gets called to a new case and tries to pump Maria for info on the new leads on the Bay Harbor Butcher case. She doesn’t get into it. Doakes says that the DB was Mozambiqued (triple tapped, shot twice through the chest and once through the head). He sees pictures of the husband Curtis Barnes and surmises that he was in special ops. The shooter was really good, the autopsy report shows that.

Esmé asks Dex about identifying a woman’s scent on a shirt. It’s obviously her fiancé’s. He points her in Vince’s direction. That will give him the distraction he needs to snoop around a bit.

Rita’s mom arrives. He is surprised to learn that she supports the actions of the Bay Harbor Butcher. This is after he tells her that the killer only goes after criminals.

Deb identifies that most of the DBs were somehow involved in a murder. Lundy tells Deb to get a social life and she grudgingly makes a move at the gym on the guy that kept hitting on her previously. They have sex in Dexter’s apartment. Dexter walks in and sees them going at it. It’s awkward.

Deb tells Dexter that Vince found microscopic traces of algae in the garbage bags. He thinks that he can trace the harbor from which the killer dumps his bodies.

Doakes meets Barnes on his boat. Barnes asks for 48 hours headway so that he can leave. Doakes asks if he killed his wife. Barnes confesses and Doakes pulls his gun. Doakes tries to talk him down, but in the end Barnes doesn’t want to go to prison. Doakes has to shoot him.

The next day, Deb asks how Lundy’s date went. He says that it sucked. She says that she got laid. It’s awkward.

Dexter asks Mastuka about the algae. He doesn’t have time to fill Dex in because Esmé freaks out on his ass. She completely breaks down in front of her squad. Maria comes and takes her away.

Dex tries to leave his sponsor. Dex remembers his step-dad coaching him to pass a psychological evaluation. He told him to say the opposite of what he wanted to say.

The captain tells Maria that she is back in charge of homicide after Pasquale’s debacle.

Lila shows up at Dexter’s job and tries to convince him to get back together with him as his sponsor. He shows her the bodies of the Bay Harbor Butcher. She isn’t repulsed.

That doctor didn’t even see the monster inside of you.
Harry to Dexter.

Dexter breaks into his own place of employment. He breaks some containment line and makes sure that the garbage men are blamed.

Deb makes a real date with her guy from the gym.

We see that Maria has been having an affair with Esmé’s fiancé this whole time. What a hypocritical bitch! She decides to break it up with him. He knows that she did it just to get her job back.

Dex tells Rita that he will keep Lila as his sponsor. Rita looks disappointed. Rita’s mom tells her that Dex is quite the actor. She tells her that he is hiding something.

The next day, the marine biologist, Lundy and Matsuka come to the field morgue and find the bodies decomposed. Vince tells Dex that it was good that they had the rocks stored at another location. He means the rocks that Dexter used to weigh down the bodies in the water. Matsuka tells Dex that they will have the results in a week. The rocks were probably taken by the killer near his harbor.

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