The Wire More With Less S05E01 (HBO)

The Wire is an American television drama set and produced in Baltimore, Maryland. Created, produced, and primarily written by author and former police reporter David Simon, the series is broadcast by the premium cable network HBO in the United States. The Wire premiered on June 2, 2002, with 50 episodes airing over the course of its first four seasons. The fifth and final season, which encompasses 10 episodes, premiered on January 6, 2008.

The plot of the first season centers on the ongoing struggles between police units and drug-dealing gangs on the west side of the city, and is told from both points of view. Subsequent seasons have focused on other facets of the city. The large cast consists mainly of character actors who are little known for their other roles. Simon has said that despite its presentation as a crime drama, the show is “really about the American city, and about how we live together. It’s about how institutions have an effect on individuals, and how…whether you’re a cop, a longshoreman, a drug dealer, a politician, a judge [or] lawyer, you are ultimately compromised and must contend with whatever institution you’ve committed to.

From the Wikipedia entry on The Wire.

The Wire is a show that is strangely addictive. I really enjoyed how the Barksdale investigation encompassed the first few seasons. This is something that never really happens in TV. The same investigation spanning three seasons? Anyway, the fifth season still uses elements from the first season. I think it’s a great show. I also enjoy how in the fifth season, Simon plans on featuring the media and how it impacts the city.

Warning: Spoilers ahead.

* * * * *

Bunk is interviewing a suspect. They emotionally blackmail him by implying that his partner has confessed. They hook him up to a photocopier and pretend that it’s a lie detector. He spills the beans.

McNulty, Kima and their team are surveilling perps involved with Marlo Stanfield. His enforcer Felicia ‘Snoop’ Pearson is there. She is Chris Partlow’s earliest protégé. His most recent protégé is Michael Lee. The dealers aren’t happy that Marlo has upped the price on his dope.

Carver has made Sergeant and is in charge of the Western District. The cops aren’t happy with the lack of overtime pay. He has to reign them in. They are pissed at him. When he tells them about the new motor pool restriction, they are livid. He’s almost got a mutiny on his hands. Carver goes to see his superior. Things are getting out of hand. There is a fight in the parking lot over the state of motor pool cars.

Lester is following a Stanfield perp on a scooter. He meets up with Lee and Chris.

The commissioner is bringing up his concerns with the mayor. The mayor wants more cuts. The commissioner wants to cut the investigation on the bodies found in the abandoned homes. The commissioner wants to temporary stop the investigation. They need to take off the cap on 10h a week extra work. Morale is at rock bottom. Carcetti agrees.

Marlo is aware of the surveillance on him. He’s taking it cool. He tells Chris that the dealer rolled on them and accepted the new deal. Kima and her partner leave. They aren’t paid OT. The squad meets rap up their surveillance. Their LT isn’t aware when the OT will come through. The commissioner tells Kernel Daniels that they have cut the investigation. They tell him to try and take his take-home car home. Everyone from the rank of Kernel and lower can’t get a take-home car anymore.

Michael meets with Dukie. He’s upset because the crew doesn’t respect Dukie. Michael tells Dukie that he shouldn’t watch the corner anymore. Bug is relying on Dukie. Dukie isn’t happy about being demoted.

The squad is out for drinks. They aren’t happy about the OT cutbacks.

The story shifts to the Baltimore Sun. Augustus ‘Gus’ Haynes is complaining about seniority. He gets on a few people’s cases for watching a smouldering fire in the distance.

Carcetti tries to get help from the FBI. The FBI wants the case to go federal. Carcetti doesn’t want to let the case go, he’d be kicking the DA in the ass.

The cops thinks that Marlo is on a pussy call. He’s actually going to a gangster meeting. They are discussing on how to allocate new territory. Prop Joe wants it to go to the displaced East Baltimore crews.
Reggie is in his sister’s basement. She is about to go to work. She wants him out of the house when she isn’t around. The

last time he pawned her whole kitchen when she left him inside her home. He leaves.

Chris is going to the courthouse.

Kernel Daniels learns that the major crimes squad is being disbanded. He is with ADA Rhonda Pearlman. They meet with Rupert Bond to try to convince Carcetti to keep the Stanfield operation going. Chris asks them where the criminal bond office is.

The Baltimore Sun is having their daily meeting. The editor-in-chief overrules the chief of regional affairs on her story how the university hasn’t met its visible minority quota.

Chris gets info on somebody. McNulty sees him. He goes into the office to see what he was up to. He sees that Chris was reading the file of Sergei Malatov. Chris took the photo of the man. Malatov was a guy that McNulty locked up because of the port case a few years ago.

A drug dealer is trading property with the city. Gus puts Alma Gutierrez and a few other reporters on it.

Bonds is able to get two detectives on the Clay Davis case. The Stanfield case is closed.
Herc is meeting with his old pals from the department. He wants them to run a name for him. He’s doing well and wearing an expensive suit. He’s a PI for some lawyers now.

The titty bar owner is selling his bar to the city. The city is selling him another lot five blocks up. The owner is making 1 million of the deal. Naresse wants to talk to Gus. Hendricks is the man and he donated 60K to the mayor’s campaign. Gus puts the squeeze on her. She doesn’t say much. The story goes onto the front page.

McNulty is necking with a girl at the bar. McNulty excuses himself and gives a call to Beadie Russell, lying about his whereabouts and telling her that he is working late.

Reggie is afraid of being on the streets alone.

Russell is worried about McNulty.

Daniels tells the major crimes squad that they have been disbanded. McNulty and Kima are going back to homicide. Dozer will go to tactical. Lester and Freeman will be temporarily assigned to the DA’s office to finish up the Clay Davis case.

Naresse finds out about the story at the Baltimore Sun. She is livid.

Herc is getting schooled by his boss Maurice Levy about the expense account.

* * * * *

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