Life S01E05 The Fallen Woman (NBC)

Life stars Damian Lewis as Charlie Crews, a police detective who was recently exonerated of a series of murders after having spent 12 years in jail for life.

In this episode, Reese and Crews have to investigate the murder of a fallen woman, who was wearing angel wings at the time of her death. The media loves it. They pursue several avenues of investigation before getting clues about what really happened to her. It involves a tattoo artist and a known criminal, who is almost untouchable.

Nevekoff knows a lot. Since Crews and Reese are in his radar, he had them investigated and turned up a lot of information, especially about Charlie. He points Charlie to some missing money 15 years ago on a case that his old partner Stark was on. It’s another piece of the puzzle of the frame that put him in jail for 12 years.

This was another excellent episode of Life. I really enjoyed it. The murder mysteries are getting more complex, though not as intriguing as the ones in The Closer, they are definitely interesing. I enjoy the fact that there is a lot of character development, which is unusual in an American show. I recommend Life.

Warning: Spoilers ahead.

* * * * *

Constance calls Charlie in the middle of the night. He comes running. He finds her beaten up. Cutty is the new guy that Charlie wanted Constance to drop as a client wanted the same kind of money that Charlie got from the LAPD. He beat her up when she told him it wasn’t going to happen.

A woman was wearing wings when she fell to her death. The media is having a field day. She fell out of a hotel room. The hotel doesn’t know who she was.

They interview a lot of people to find out who she was. There is a media circus. Two people ask Reese about her faith and she leaves.

Crews notices a guy who keeps giving up his spot at the top of the angel line in their squad. His name is Jasper Willins. He says the woman was his wife. Her name was Lina. Jasper had to pay every month to have her stay. She was Russian. He didn’t have to pay him in the beginning. He had to pay him when they got married. He paid 10000 dollars every month. The man’s name was Roman. Lt Davis tells him that Jasper got had by a long con called a Natasha. It involves a Russian girl getting married to a mark and then shaking him down.

They question a woman named Julia at Ritual, the club where Jasper met Lina. She warns them about Roman.

Constance tells Charlie that she is moving to New York. She tells her that her husband is on the way and that she doesn’t need Charlie’s help.

Roman is Roman Nevekoff. A company that he owns owns a company that owns the club Ritual. The LAPD has been eyeing Roman for a while for a variety of charges, but nothing ever stuck to him.

They investigate Ritual a bit further. They find Roman in the kitchen with his dogs. He surrenders. Roman is well informed about both detectives. He gets released within minutes by his overpriced lawyer.

He tells Reese that she lost her faith because of the guy she was involved with. He was a druggie and Reese got into drugs while she was undercover. Charlie asks her if she saw herself shooting Roman. She answers yes.

They go back to the hotel and find out that a janitor was paying his tattoo artist in passkeys to rooms. They to the parlor and find out that Oliver has been missing for a little while. His station has a great view of Ritual.

They find a photograph of Lina at his place. He is obsessed with angels. They find his car was at the hotel where Lina died. This leads back to Julia. She says that Lina was in love with Oliver. She says that Lina was going to leave with Oliver. She says that Roman would kill Lina and do something terrible to Oliver.

They question Jasper again. Jasper’s description of the cages and the dogs was too vivid to just be a threat. He says that he was blindfolded, but Crews figures out where the dogs are thanks to the gasoline odor. They find Oliver. Oliver says that Roman threw Lina out the window. Oliver agrees to testify and they bring Roman in.

Roman was working for Homeland Security. He is providing information about drug shipments. The LAPD has to release him.

Crews beats up Cutty. Roman phones Crews and tells him to ask Stark what happened to all the money that disappeared in a bank heist 15 years ago. It’s another piece of the puzzle that framed Crews.

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