Celebrity Big Brother UK S08E01 (Channel 5)

As the US version of Big Brother started up again this summer, I tried watching a few episodes with the wife (she loves it) but it was so bad that I couldn’t handle it. It’s mostly because of the choice of HM. Anyway, I was pretty happy to hear the the UK version would start up again. I have two problems with this. Davina McCall isn’t the host, which is really sad because I love her, and it’s the celebrity edition, which I usually don’t like, but Celebrity Big Brother UK is better than no Big Brother UK.

So BB is back with a bang on Channel 5. I’ve never really liked the celebrity versions of BB, because they are so short and for other reasons.

First HM in is Kerry Catona. Don’t know who she is really, just some tabloid girl. Next in is Tara Reid. Holy crap. She’s got amazing eyes.

The next one in is a boxer named Paddy Doherty. Tara has trouble understanding him, as will a lot of people. He mumbles a lot.

Is it fictional or educational?
Vajazzle girl

Amy Childs is next. Don’t really know her either. I can’t tell if Marcus Bentley is still doing the voice of BB. Next up is that Aussie paparazzo, Darryn Lyons.

The next HM is Sally Bercow. She’s the wife of the Speaker of the House of Commons. She’s famous for taking a semi-provocative photo of herself in a bed sheet.

Next in is some soap opera star Lucien Laviscount. He’s handsome. Inside, the HM are complaining that the door wouldn’t open. Next up is Pamela Bach-Hasselhof, who’s most known for her role on Baywatch. She’s married to David Hasselhof. They met on Baywatch.

Bobby Sable is next. He’s a male model. Jedward is going in. That’s cool. They look pretty annoying.

BB calls a HM to the diary room. It’s Kerry.

Fuck a duck!x3

She’s got to complete three challenges tonight. She must become an A-list diva. She must throw a temper tantrum.





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