Week 2 in Training

This week was pretty good, but marred by an intake of carbs that pushed my weight back up to 93kg. These included bagels and whole wheat bread with raisins and nuts from Costco. Thankfully, with enough diligence and effort, it’s currently at 90.7kg, which is the lowest I’ve weighed in a long time. In hoping to reach 88kg this week. From there onward, 75kg seems within reach. My runs were actually pretty good. I recovered quite quickly, which means that I’m getting used to running again.

I’ve actually started feeling guilty on the nights that I don’t work out, so I might do some weight training at home. I go out on walks twice daily, and they are quite brisk so I am getting some cardio.

I went out for 25.9 km this week. That distance included two runs. One was over 6km and the other just about 5km. The rest of the distance included walks that broke a sweat at a pace of about 9 minutes per km.

I replaced my 5-year-old Asics Gel Lytes with some 2012 Nike Air Max in an anthracite/silver/volt colorway. The change was incredible. My feet are no longer hurting and running feels a lot better on my knees. I should have changed a long time ago. I suspected that they were hurting my feet, but it wasn’t until I went for a run in my new kicks that I noticed the difference.

5.03 km in 34:49 with an average pace of 6:56 min/km
6.16 km in 47:11 with an average pace of 7:40 min/km

* * * * *


weekly km count: 25.9
monthly km count: 41.3
yearly km count: 64





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