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Big Brother US S10E28-29 (CBS)

Big Brother US S10E28 (CBS)

Dan and Memphis celebrate. We all know who is going to win. Dan will win hands down. Memphis will get $50K. They both get a feast. There is a hilarious VT of Jerry rapping to Ollie and Michelle. There is another good VT of Dan teasing Keesha. The Dan Variety show was pretty funny and Ollie running away from the Crows cracked me up again.

Seeing Ollie and Renny learning how to swim from Dan was pretty funny.

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Big Brother US S10E27 (CBS)

It was the beginning of the final HOH comp. The first part involves an endurance challenge. For once, Dan didn’t have to stab Keesha in the back to win. The Renegades stage a bit of performance to make Jerry believe that they aren’t aligned anymore. Naturally, Jerry is the first one out of the comp. Dan and Memphis have an agreement that Memphis will fall down at some point. Dan is milking it too much and it’s getting on Memphis’ nerves. Memphis decides to compete further. Dan is getting worried. Then, Memphis falls off and Dan has won the first part of the comp. Jerry completely buys their stratagem. Jerry thinks that he’s in some kind of alliance with Memphis.

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Big Brother US S10E26 (CBS)

Unless the other HM get active quickly, Dan will easily win BBUS. The game is in its final week. The POV is still up for grabs. Whoever wins the final POV guarantees themselves safety and dictate the nominations.

Jerry plans on working on Memphis. The Renegade Alliance’s stratagem is working to perfection. Keesha is perfectly duped.

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Big Brother US S10E25 (CBS)

Dan and Memphis are happy that Renny is gone. She could have easily won BB. Keesha misses her already. Dan easily won HOH and we know that Jerry and Keesha will get nominated. They’ll get rid of Jerry this time.

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Big Brother US S10E24 (CBS)

Jerry is pissed that Memphis broke his word to him. This week, the Renegades control the votes. They are getting rid of Renny. Jerry has a talk with Keesha. He wants to have an alliance with her. They’ve both accepted that Renny is a goner. That would make Keesha be the third wheel. If she doesn’t align with Jerry, then she will be the next one to go.

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Big Brother US S10E23 (CBS)

Dan thinks that winning the POV is paramount. Jerry just wants Dan out. Keesha thinks that if the POV is used, he’ll nominate Memphis. Dan is talking with Jerry in the HOH room. Dan tells Jerry that his alliance is fractured.

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Big Brother US S10E22 (CBS)

With Ollie and Michelle gone, Jerry is left standing alone as his alliance was completely decimated. Most of the HM were happy to see her go.

Jerry wants the HM to talk to him a bit. He feels lonely all alone. He tries to talk with Renny. She doesn’t like him at all. They have nothing in common. He’s not her kind of person. Jerry is trying to make new friends. The Renegade alliance is just happy that they got rid of Ollie.

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