Velocite Updates Its Site & My Millennium Build List

Velocite's new site

Velocite has just updated and started its new website. It looks pretty darn good and I’m glad for Victor.

I hadn’t much thought about the warranty on the Millennium frame that I’m about to get tomorrow, but I was pretty happy to find out that its got a lifetime warranty + 3 years on crashes. Now that’s really good!

The Millennium I’m getting will be decked out in SRAM Red. Photos and more when I receive it sometime tomorrow. It’s supposed to have arrived now. I’ll go take a look!

Velocite MONC50 Carbon Fiber wheels

Well, I’m been thinking about it for a few hours and I’ve decided to post my full build list. This isn’t final, but it’s the way that it comes in and will be fitted tomorrow or the day after. Since it will arrive mostly disassembled, I’ll try to weigh most of it while getting it put together.

2010 Velocite Millennium with carbon fiber Zephyr fork

Millennium Elite*
Frame                    Velocite Millennium titanium 1,490
Headset                 FSA Orbit C
Compressor          FSA Carbon
Bottom Bracket   Into Race Ceramic BB
Seatpost                 Velocite TLC                                      185
Seatpost clamp     Velocite Anchor                                 138
Spacers x 4            generic carbon
Fork                       Velocite Zephyr                                  375
Stem                      Velocite FCS                                        132
Handlebars           Velocite LICOS                                   176
Crankset                SRAM Red                                          630
Cassette                 SRAM Red 11-25                                155
Chain                     SRAM Red PC 1090R 255
Rear derailleur     SRAM Red                                          153
Front derailleur    SRAM Red                                           72
FD clamp               FSA clamp
Shifters                  SRAM Red                                          280
Brakes                    TRP 960 SL                                        249
Wheels                   Velocite MONC50 carbon fiber  1,580
Tubes                     Kenda
Tires                       Vittoria Open Corsa Evo-CX            430
Rim tape                High pressure tape
Bar tape                  Prologo Pro Touch
Saddle                     Prologo Scratch Pro                          240
Cables                     SRAM Red


Total actual weight                                                          7,090gr

ITM Pathom carbon fiber handlebar

Upcoming changes? Maybe a FSA Plasma 42cm integrated handlebar/cockpit, though I’m very satisfied with the weight of the Velocite stem and handlebar. They feel quite solid, but I just saw some ITM Pathom at the shop and they look and feel really nice. It’s not part of an integrated setup and they feel somewhat better than the Trigon RB117 integrated handlebar/stem combo. The Trigon RB117 is exactly the same as the MOst Manubrio Talon from Pinarello. It has just been rebadged. The Pathom is a bit heavier than the Velocite LICOS. It weighs 225g. Couple that with a Pathom stem, which weighs 144gr and you’re looking at a 60gr increase in weight. The Pathom seatpost weighs 210 gr, that’s 113 gr lighter than the Velocite seatpost and seat clamp I have. From my test, it seems that the Pathom conforms better to the form of a palm and grip, whereas the Trigon is rounder and bigger, the Pathom succeeds in being more efficient and at about $200, pretty cheap compared to the Trigon, MOst, and FSA options, which would likely cost 3× as much. The Trigon RB117/MOst Manubrio Talon weighs 415gr. The FSA Plasma weighs 384gr.

Slap on some Fulcrum Racing Zero 2-Way Fit as my training wheels. This is going to be my main training bicycle. The frame weighs 1,490 gr in M size, so it’s pretty light for a titanium frame. I intended to go for a silver/blue look, but both sets of wheels that I own have red highlights of some fashion, so maybe it will have to be silver/red.

Velocite SCS 113-gram carbon fiber Saddle

I just ordered a 113-gram SCS Saddle from Velocite as well. That shaves off quite a bit of weight. It also gives me a good opportunity to test ride this great product from them. Although this won’t be extremely comfortable.

I’ve also totaled up the weights of most of the components (I’ve partially weighed most of them and corrected the initial estimates) and it comes up to 7,090 gr, which is about 15,63 lbs. Not bad. There are a few components of which I don’t have the weights, but it’s a weight weenie. These are real-world weights, not theoretical. We popped the bike onto a scale while we were putting it together.

All the cables will be red. It will fit in nicely with the overall design. This combines well with the Vittoria tires, which have read threads on them.

Velocite Millennium close-up of the way the logo is done

Update: I’ve just come back from the shop and all of the photos that I’ve seen don’t do this bike justice. It’s very light and sleek for a titanium bike. Size M tips the scales at 1,490 gr. The Vittoria tires have some red on them, so they make the Velocite MONC50 carbon fiber wheels just pop. They look really good. My friends were really interested by the bike, especially when it came down to weigh it preliminarily. They thought that it would top 9kg. I knew that it wouldn’t since my estimate was for mid 6kg. I knew it would go over this. This bike could go for around 6.5 kg with Mavic Cosmic Carbone Ultimates or Lightweight Standard III. Using the 113-gram SCS Saddle and Lightweights, the total weight could go down to 6.4 kg. By replacing a few components, such as the seatpost and a few others, this bike could easily weigh 6kg (13.22 lbs). You can easily imagine why some Scott Addicts are so light. The Scott Addict frame weighs 790 gr. I wouldn’t be surprised to find some 5kg (11.02 lbs) Scott Addicts out there.

My associates also liked the wheels. They are Velocite MONC50, a 50mm profile wheel. Strangely enough, they have a similar profile to the Campagnolo Bora Ultra Twos, though I wouldn’t be scared of using these to train on. I’d be very careful with my Boras. Upon closer examination, the MONC50 were also similar to the Mavic Carbone SL with similar weights.

Rims: Unidireactional carbon with universaly compatible braking surface
Spokes: DT Swiss Super Comp. Radial 20 front, 2-cross 24 rear. External brass nipples
Hubs: Velocite OS15 with 15mm rear axle, and sealed Japanese EZO brand bearings
Profile: 50mm x 20.5mm, 700c
Weight: 1580g
Warranty: 2 years
Crash replacement policy: 2 years

I was concerned a bit about the red/silver look, but I shouldn’t have been. The bike looks really good. I’m actually surprised at how good it looks. At it also looks fast. The Velocite logos look good. They work well with this frame, which doesn’t have any decals. In fact, the logo and the frame name were added smartly. The frame is quite beautiful, stark and minimal. The logos and decals on the components, wheels, stem, seatpost, handlebars, work well. They are also of high quality.

While this isn’t meant to be a weight weenie, it looks quite interesting on paper and in the shop. The thing that is important is that this is a training bike, more than anything else. Having incredible low weight isn’t that important, but it’s still interesting.

Entrant Competitor Racer Elite Headset FSA Orbit C FSA Orbit C FSA Orbit C FSA Orbit C Compressor FSA Carbon FSA Carbon FSA Carbon FSA Carbon Seatpost FSA SL-280 FSA SL-250 FSA SL-K Velocite TLC Seatpost clamp Velocite Anchor Velocite Anchor Velocite Anchor Velocite Anchor Spacers x 4 generic carbon generic carbon generic carbon generic carbon Fork Velocite Zephyr Velocite Zephyr Velocite Zephyr Velocite Zephyr Stem FSA OS-150 FSA OS-150 FSA SL-K Velocite FCS Handlebars FSA Vero FSA Wing Pro FSA SL-K Velocite LICOS Crankset Shimano Tiagra 9s Aerozine X-13 Aerozine X-13 Shimano Dura-Ace Cassette Shimano Tiagra 9s Shimano Ultegra Shimano Ultegra Shimano Dura-Ace Chain Shimano Tiagra 9s Shimano Ultegra Shimano Ultegra Shimano Dura-Ace Rear derailleur Shimano Tiagra 9s Shimano Ultegra Shimano Ultegra Shimano Dura-Ace Front derailleur Shimano Tiagra 9s Shimano Ultegra Shimano Ultegra Shimano Dura-Ace FD clamp FSA clamp FSA clamp FSA clamp FSA clamp Shifters Shimano Tiagra 9s Shimano Ultegra Shimano Ultegra Shimano Dura-Ace Brakes TRP 920 OEM TRP 920 OEM TRP 950 OEM TRP 960 OEM Wheels FSA RD-60 FSA RD-60 Velocite NIOC32 Velocite MONC50 Tubes Kenda/Maxxis Kenda/Maxxis Kenda/Maxxis Kenda/Maxxis Tires Vittoria Zaffiro Pro Vittoria Zafiro Pro Vittoria Open Corsa Evo-CX Vittoria Open Corsa Evo-CX Rim tape High pressure tape High pressure tape High pressure tape High pressure tape Bar tape FSA black FSA black Prologo Pro Touch Prologo Pro Touch Saddle Prologo Kappa Prologo Kappa Prologo Scratch Pro Prologo Scratch Pro Cables Shimano Tiagra 9s Shimano Ultegra Shimano Ultegra Shimano Dura-Ace
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2 responses to “Velocite Updates Its Site & My Millennium Build List”

  1. Nathan Miller Avatar

    I am a Velocite rider too!
    I bought a Magnus.
    I live in Danshui.


  2. range Avatar

    Hi Nathan!

    Yes, I heard about you! You “stole”/bought Victor’s Magnus. As soon as my bike is ready to go, I want to head out and start training again. We should definitely go on bike rides together, I haven’t found many people willing to bike fast on road bikes!

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