Velocite Millennium & 135mm F/2 VC & Nikon D700

SRAM Red rear derailleur

My wife got herself a Nikon D700 and a 135mm F/2 VC lens on Monday. It’s a significant upgrade compared to my D200, because of the FX sensor, but I was mostly interested by the 135mm lens that she got. It’s a lens that enables you to control the focus and defocus, as Nikon puts it.

Basically, it lets you control the amount of bokeh in your photos. Anyway, it’s supposed to be a great portrait lens. I found it really nice to take photos of bikes.

TRP 960SL brakes

I found that the autofocus on the lens didn’t perform as well as the one on my 18-200 VR lens. The lens is of an older design, hearkening back to the mid 90s. Still, it gives some awesome results. I found that the best combination was using it in manual focus mode. But then, you get stuck with trying to guesstimate the right focus, since neither the D200 nor the D700 are equipped to properly focus images manually.

Etched Velocite logo

Still, it’s a learning experience and it’s challenging. I was really surprised at how good some of these images looked, almost with no preparation. As with most of my photos, these shots have not been post-processed.

Top tube logo
Front shot of the handlebar/stem
Seat tube
SRAM Red crank

Velocite Millenium bikes are available from Asterisk*Cycles. Email us at asteriskcycles at gmail dot com or visit Asterisk*Cycles to find out more.


2 responses to “Velocite Millennium & 135mm F/2 VC & Nikon D700”

  1. Victor Avatar

    Very nice Range!

    I hope you received the Ethereal cages by now. We received a new batch and we sent two out to you earlier this week.

  2. range Avatar

    Hi Victor!

    Nope, but I didn’t know that they were shipped, so I’ll check at the shop.

    I’m very happy with these pics. Some of them need some more manual tweaking, but all in all, they capture the beauty of the bike very well.

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