Celebrity Big Brother UK S08E02 (C5)

Kerry’s tantrum was a bit pitiful.

Jedward come to the diary room. They talk about their hair a lot. They like Amy and Kerry.

Outside, Paddy says that he finds Jedward annoying. Tara hasn’t heard of Jedward before. Jedward sexuality comes up.

The bedroom is opened. Jedward run toward it. Darryn and some other finally come in. Who will have to share? Kerry is called into the diary room again.

She must use “don’t you know who I am?” to 3 other HM. After lights are out, she must become uncomfortable in her bed and ask to swap. Then, she must swap back.

Jedward are teaching Amy some dance moves. The other HM are talking about alcohol. Sally is saying that she stopped drinking years ago because she had a problem.

She owns the House of Commons. Her husband owns the House of Commons.
Vajazzle girl about Sally.

Amy and Jedward are in the diary room. Pamela tells Kerry how she met David.

Later Kerry says her phrase again to Jedward. Kerry completes her mission. She says the phrase to Paddy.

Bobby thinks that Kerry is 36. Sally and Paddy are talking about their other halves in the bathroom.

The next day the HM have to give their picks for the most diva HM. Until now, only Kerry voted for herself. The other HM voted for Jedward. It’s almost unanimous. Kerry failed her task.

Kerry is told that she is up for eviction and will face the public vote. She must nominate 2 other HM to face the vote. There will be no other nominations. She picks Bobby and Sally.

BB tells Kerry that she can talk about this with her fellow HM.

* * * * *

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