My Daily Tweets 11.04.11

  • @JessicaDoyle yep. Otherwise you get a ticket from the art police. 11 seconds ago
  • The 5 Best Portable Bluetooth Speakers 2 minutes ago
  • Audiomasons Design Works Limestone Rock Speakers Will Outlast You 9 minutes ago
  • Miniwiz Re-Case: Sustainable iPhone 4/4S Case Made from Trash 13 minutes ago
  • Lost all of my tabs. FU FF. 13 hours ago
  • Oh so now Spike eats his wet food that I put out 1.5 hours ago! 13 hours ago
  • This morning, I finally managed to break my vacuum coffee maker. Now I need a replacement. I still have 2 espresso makers. 13 hours ago
  • Managed to save and edit that last post before restarting though. 1 more post left and I just wasted 8 min on BS. 13 hours ago
  • At least my MacBook is still running. 13 hours ago
  • Whole PC needed a restart. WTF. 13 hours ago
  • Dang it, FF needed a restart. FML 13 hours ago
  • When I skim, I don’t see it. Sucks. Google, improve it please! 13 hours ago
  • It was also easily visible, next to the title. G+, I don’t really care if it’s been +1. It’s located at the bottom, harder to see. 13 hours ago
  • The new Greader is problematic. I don’t like how they no longer feature the ‘like’ at the top. It’s a trending indicator. 13 hours ago
  • One more post to go. Hope to be done in 20 min. 13 hours ago
  • Hate it when the cursor disappears. 13 hours ago
  • Boss ordered me breakfast for free again. Thanks! 14 hours ago
  • Teaching day went pretty well. A 10-hour block is pretty sweat, especially when it starts early. 14 hours ago
  • Havent been able to find that news link, but I’m busy. Co-worker mentioned that he saw it on TV last night. 14 hours ago
  • Killers were caught, but not the drug dealer. This was in Xindian. It was on the news yesterday. 14 hours ago
  • He got tired of the kid and paid 3 drug addicts to beat the kid to death, after they gave him some meth. They killed the kid. 14 hours ago
  • Heard some really disturbing news. Some 5-year old was left with some dude, who was dating the girl’s mother. He was a drug dealer. 14 hours ago
  • Friday night and I’m 1h behind schedule. Hope to be finished by 9:30PM. 14 hours ago
  • October Reload in Photos | DesignNotes by @MichaelSurtees 14 hours ago
  • 91% of #1Q84 completed. Will finish it tonight. Great book. Then, finish #TheInstructions. Got about 50% of that done. 14 hours ago
  • Just took a post-work shower and started sweating. WTF. Shower must have been too hot. Still, I took it to cool down. 14 hours ago
  • Came back, and gave him a bit of human food, he wouldn’t eat it either. Ended up force-feeding the little bastard. Frenchies can b difficult 14 hours ago
  • Made the mistake of giving Spike some human food last night. This morning, he wouldn’t eat his kibble, He didn’t eat it all day. 14 hours ago
  • Occupy Wall Street, 7 Weeks In – Alan Taylor – In Focus – The Atlantic… via @in_focus 14 hours ago
  • google reader’s founder on google reader… 4 Nov
  • “Clint Eastwood on Gay Marriage and Politics in General” « 21 hours ago
  • From Murakami to R. R. Martin, the craze for long books: | Just watch out for Stockholm Syndrome ( 15 hours ago
  • @ldnhal Thanks. Day isn’t over. I have to write 3 posts for some blogs. 14 hours ago
  • Time to walk Spike. 4 Nov
  • At least I can sleep in tomorrow. No German class. 4 Nov
  • Getting ready for a 10-hour teaching day. Leaving in a few minutes and coming back at 7PM. No breaks. 4 Nov
  • It’s a lie that if you study hard, work hard, you can find work that is fulfilling and pays the bills. This is not reality. 4 Nov
  • You know when you’re moving through the interwebs aimlessly and then suddenly come to and realize you’re researching Chinese internet memes? 4 Nov
  • RT @pdnonline: Photographers are turning to smaller cameras & iPhones to shoot difficult subjects more discreetly. 4 Nov
  • If Terry Gilliam ever makes a Brazil 2, it should entirely about someone trying to purchase Microsoft SQL Server for their business. 4 Nov
  • Are birds’ tweets grammatical? According to Japanese scientists, songbirds may communicate using sophisticated grammar. 4 Nov
  • Before he died, Kurt Vonnegut gave Charles Shields the ok to construct And So It Goes, a gossipy page-turning bio. 4 Nov
  • My Daily Tweets 11.03.11 4 Nov

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