Star Trek Picard S02: The Woke Shitification of Trek

I’m sort of speechless. It’s terrible. It’s so bad. It’s worse than I could ever imagine. How could they turn one of my favorite characters, Jean-Luc Picard, into this BS? Writers who don’t know their source material, like idiots rewriting bullshit. It’s the worst Trek series, and it’s terrible TV.

The fact that many ST fans grew up watching TNG, Voyager and DS9 is a reason of the dissonance. Picard was a genius captain, portrayed admirably by a spiffier, younger (lol) Patrick Stewart. While not all episodes of ST:TNG were excellent, many of them were good. Some of them were excellent (Inner Light!) This is bad TV. It’s sucks. I’d probably give it a 1/10. Even worse when you consider how good the first two episodes of Star Trek: Strange New Worlds were. I’m not going to comment much on Discovery, because I stopped watching after S03. I wasn’t a fan of the Michael Burnam character, and since it centers around her, I wasn’t interested.

The first season of Picard was sort of a miss. I didn’t really like it. The whole Soji BS was boring. This time around, it’s how these writers manage to woke-ify the Borg, ST, and everything else you hold dear. This was a struggle to watch. Midway through, it became interesting, but only because it was so bad. Sometimes I like to watch bad series and movies just to see how bad they are going to get. This just kept getting worse.

Most of the series revolves around Picard’s background and how he has been traumatized by his mentally ill mother committing suicide. It’s so bad. Moon Knight Ep 5 portrayed mental illness well. This did not. The next step in the new woke Trek is that 7 of 9 is now bisexual and starts a relationship with the most annoying character/actress in the series, Raffi. For no reason at all, Raffi considers Elrond to be her surrogate son, who immediately dies and she’s even more traumatized.

The murderous Jurarti become the new Borg queen, and she makes the Borg fully woke: they will no longer assimilate, but only long for connection with others. So our woke crew will travel to the past to fix some wrong, not before Q appears for no reason and puts them into the mirror universe, where Picard commits genocide multiple times. In order to escape this fate, Picard kidnaps half of the Borg queen and finds some mumbo jumbo way to travel to the past.

In a most annoying BS move, they travel to 2024. I watch Star Trek to escape the current world, and see some alien civilizations. Instead, we’re served up ultra BS by these idiot writers, who take most of the time of the episode to critique our current world problems. ICE, pollution, and other woke topics are talked about in an ultra annoying way.

All the ancestors of the characters look exactly like them. Soji even gets an ancestor. She’s a clone. That’s why in the future, Soji looks like Core. Noonian Soong was working on cloning before delving into robotics apparently. And they even ruin that, by making him the architect of Khan Noonian Soong, of ST2 fame. Well that was already in the lore. That’s not really the annoying part. The annoying part is that Brent Spiner playing all Noonian Soongs. He might even play Khan. My bet is that the crew will face Brent Spiner as Khan in S03.

Laris, Picard’s Romulan slave, whose husband died over the break or in the last season, is now fully in love with him. Her ancestor, who they meet in the past, looks exactly like her! She’s part of the watchers, like Gary 5 from TOS. They’re humans who work for these mysterious aliens. Over time, we see that Laris isn’t the same Laris, but her ancestor. She was hiding her ears. FML. I stop counting at how many ancestors looks exactly the same. I’m surprised they didn’t put Picard in a wig and make him play Renee Picard, the mentally challenged ancestor who is paramount so that the human species doesn’t turn into maniacs.

Q is dying. There’s no real explanation about this. We never see any other Qs in this episode. He was there maybe 10 minutes total. John De Lancie is a great actor, and there was some kind of synergy between him and Picard, but the rest is total garbo 🗑.

The last couple of episodes saw these idiot writers desecrate the identity of the Borg. 🤮 How bad can they mess this up? Instead of assimilating and incorporating the identity of others into the collective, they are looking for friends and connections now. The Borgs are nice and woke, and won’t assimilate without asking permission.

They made poor Wesley come back, and I kinda hate Will Wheaton now because he’s become a terrible actor. He keeps fucking nodding his head like a bobble headed idiot. He takes Core into the Watchers. FML. FML. FML.

They’ve said that the whole cast of ST:TNG is coming back for S03, but lmao, it’s going to be bad. I’ve read that this was a vanity project for Patrick Stewart, that he believes that he is Picard. This is the reason why it’s so bad, and we’ve got these stupid musical numbers, including his current wife’s, and Jurarti. FML.


One response to “Star Trek Picard S02: The Woke Shitification of Trek”

  1. JimS Avatar

    I completely agree.Shame on the producers, writers, bad cast and everyone else involved in this pos. We love Star Trek as it was. Why did you destroy it?

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