Life S01E02 (NBC)

Life stars Damian Lewis as Charlie Crews, a cop who was wrongfully convicted of a murder and put in jail. Twelve years later, thanks to DNA evidence, he is exonerated and back on the LAPD with a multi-million dollar settlement in his pocket.

His whole outlook in life changed him and he is still investigating the frame that put him in jail. A lot of people around him at the time were involved. In this case, he investigates the murder of a bride. The investigations leads them to consider all members of the bridal party. The groom is the initial suspect but Crews doesn’t think he is involved, even after he had to be wrestled into submission. The groom was covered in blood and falling into the pool was a good way of getting rid of part of the physical evidence on his body.

This is a good episode. We see a lot more of Crews and the change that happened within him. There is less documentary style scenes to explain his current situation. Davis still tries to get rid of Crews anyway possible, but Danie Reese doesn’t really feel like being a rat. Crews interacts with his former partner Bobby, who testfied against him. The show did incredibly well in Australia on Network Ten.

Warning: Spoilers ahead.

* * * * *

Crews is still going on about his car, the Bentley Continental GT that Early scrapped while driving a giant tractor. Crews doesn’t really care about the car and tries convincing himself about this.

His new case is a murdered bride Amanda Turner. Crews finds the groom’s ID and keys. They search the hotel and find the groom by the pool. There is a scuffle. Crews and the groom fall into the pool. The groom was covered in the bride’s blood.

The groom Jake says that he woke up and found Anna’s body with blood everywhere.

Crews thinks that Jake didn’t do it. He tells his supervisor. His partner isn’t happy and neither is the lieutenant. Dani continues to get pressure from the lieutenant.

Eddie is Jake’s lawyer. They find out that he is actually Anna’s friend. They drop by and find strange photos of Anna. He pasted her face all over porn.

A strange woman turns up at Charlie’s place. Her name is Olivia. She tries to weasel herself into Crews’ place. Crews picks up two girls on the way home on the bus. Olivia is marrying his father.

Dani calls Crews and tells him that Jake tried to kill himself. Lt. Davis will charge Jake with murder suicide.

His ex-partner invites him over for a barbecue. He tells him that his wife wanted him. Leslie starts bitching at him. Crews doesn’t really care one way or the other. Bobby asks him to stay and gives him his old shield and shield back.

Crews gets a hunch and investigates the photos from the wedding. The girl who brought Crews the disposable cameras from the wedding didn’t give him all of the cameras. She tells them that her Bradley was the one who argued with Anna. Bradley was trying to steal the purse full of money. Her brother pushed Anna against the wall so hard. He killed her.

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