Life S01E01 (NBC)

Life is a new series on NBC starring Damian Lewis, best recognized for playing Major Richard “Red” D. Winters in Band of Brothers. The series will premiere on the 26th of September on NBC at 10PM.

The series stars him as detective Charlie Crews who was released from prison after being exonerated for a crime he didn’t commit. He settled with the city for an undisclosed amount.

Initially most of the facts are shown throughout the pilot in documentary style, with interviews with Crews’ ex-wife, ex-partner, and other people involved. It’s an interesting way to get the viewer up to speed on what’s happened. I don’t know if it would have just been better to keep those parts out, that way it would also be a mystery that needed to be elucidated during the show. Be it as it may, the producers chose to show these pieces of information this way.

Crews was convicted for a triple murder and received a sentence of life. The title of the series comes from there. This also changed Crews views on life. He was beaten, received cuts, had a lot of broken limbs for being a cop in a maximum security prison. He never relented and his lawyer Constance Griffiths found a way to exonerate him after having served 12 years in jail.

He comes back a changed man and as a detective in LA. The brass just want to get rid of him, but he still stays on, even though he doesn’t need a job. He lives in a swanky place and drives an expensive car. I find the parts where he is flabbergasted by the extent of technology in 2007 most funny. He doesn’t know IM, MMS or SMS. He is surprised when his car picks up his phone through Bluetooth.

He is partnered up with Dani Reese played by Sarah Shahi, a cop recovering from a drug addiction. She is the senior detective, and he technically has to follow her orders. During the investigations, Crews comes up with strange but lucid investigations techniques that leave Reese flummoxed. He’s also developed some strange habits since leaving the joint. A passion for fresh fruit, since he never got any or much in jail and a strange outlook on life.

I enjoyed this show and recommend it. There is some good acting and the characters are interesting as well.

Warning: Spoilers ahead.

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Charlie Crews is a cop who was charged and sentenced for a triple murder. He was later exonerated after 12 years in prison. In 2007 in LA, he is a detective again.

He is back on the job. In prison, he got beaten up because he was a cop. He got a total of 241 stitches.

Crews got either 5 or 50 million dollars from the government. Crews finds the bullet in the victim’s dog and also the assailant’s finger.

Crews’ partner doesn’t like him and didn’t want to work with him.

They go see the boy’s biological father who is in prison. He says that he’s got some enemies. Crews has some words with the prison guards who are on his back.

Crews drives a Bentley Continental GT and lives in a huge house. He takes pleasure in giving tickets to his ex-wife’s husband.

The detectives talk to the boy scouts. One of them tells them that there was a technicality that would free his father. He got some IM and that is what killed him.

Lieutenant Davis puts the screws on Dani Rees to find out if Crews has been doing anything fishy. She tells her that Crews warned a suspect of a search and allowed him to dump marijuana in the toilet.

Ted Earley is an ex-CEO who was convicted of insider trading. Charlie saved his life in the joint, so now, Earley manages his money and lives over his garage.

Charlie’s ex-partner Robert Stark was involved in his arrest and trial.

Crews is a changed man.

Charlie cut out his father from his life because he stopped his mother from seeing him. This killed her in his opinion and he won’t see or talk to him anymore. Charlie has got a complicated relationship with his lawyer Constance Griffiths. There is some obvious sexual tension.

The finger belonged to Lenny Garth, a junkie with a record. They find him holed out in an abandoned hotel. In the shootout, Reese gets covered in cocaine. She freaks out and has to take a shower to get the drugs off her. Crews helps her. Lt Davis hinted that she was on NA, she was a drug user before. Crews shoots and gilled Garth.

Before dying, Lonnie tells Crews that Arthur killed the kid. They look through the scout files and find a con father who fits the bill. They interrogate him and get him for violating his parole. He is brought to the prison where Rawls is serving his sentence. Arthur starts talking fast before he gets killed and confesses to killing the kid because he saw his face.

Crews is investigating his frame. The whole episode, he kept repeating and trying to convince himself that he didn’t care about the Bentley. In the end, he buys the orange grove and Earley crushes inadvertently his Bentley with a tractor.

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