Survivor Gabon S17E01 (CBS)

Among the survivors, there are a high school teacher – Bob, a former Olympic athlete – Crystal, a rich bald guy – Ace, and a former street hood named GC, some old people, some girl named Sugar. Ken is a professional gamer and a college student. He’s of Asian origin. A blonde salesperson, Marcus is in the medical field (resident physician, he’s a doctor but didn’t want to say that to everyone), Charlie is a manager, Matty is a personal trainer, Paloma is a student/surfer, Randy is a wedding videographer who will never get married, Ace is a photographer, Crystal is a preschool teacher, Corinne does pharmaceutical sales, Dan was an attorney, Michelle works in film, Sugar is a retro pin-up model, Gillian is the old lady.

The survivors are dropped off in their street clothes. They haven’t learned that they should be wearing their game clothes at all times.

Jeff tells them that it’s tradition in Gabon that the elders make the most important decisions. In keeping with this, he says that Gillian and Bob will be the captains of the tribes.

Bob chooses Ace, Sugar, Marcus, Charlie, Paloma, Kelly, Jacky, and Corinne. They are Kota, the yellow tribe. Gillian takes Crystal, Susie, Matty, Randy, Dan, GC, Ken, and Michelle. The red tribe is Fang. Charlie the lawyer doesn’t understand the initial choices.

The tribes have to race up a hill. The first tribe there wins the extra bag of beans and corn. Also, a person can get individual immunity. GC is out in front. Gillian is last. Marcus goes up first, he goes past GC. Marcus gets the immunity. GC gets the other one for Fang. Michelle, the last woman picked is the first one up the hill. As a track and field Olympian, Crystal is really shit going up the hill. Kota wins the extra field. Matty is helping Gillian, Crystal and Susie. Crystal makes excuses, saying that her shoes weighed 10 lbs. What a copout!

The Kota tribe was happy to find that there is some shelter at their camp. It’s just a few broken down huts. Bob is the eldest and climbs up the hut to fix it. He’s a physics teacher. Ace and Bob make a bench of sorts.

Gillian tries to make an inspirational speech. She’s a nurse and she was last up the hill. She sounds British. Randy isn’t happy when she wants some elephant dung. She wants to eat the seeds in the elephant dung. She tells Randy that you can squeeze elephant dung and drink it. She probably saw Bear Grylls do that on Discovery. Randy finds her annoying.

Ken and Michelle go around looking for termites. Michelle just swallows it. He’s flirting with Michelle. She’s hot, her nipple was showing.

Ace is pissing off people at his camp by ordering them around. Charlie and Marcus are already talking about strategy. They think that Ace will dig his own grave in a few days. Marcus thinks that Charlie is attracted to him, but he’s not into that.

There was an elephant next to the Fang camp. Randy hits his head and blood is flowing down his face. He tries to get help from Gillian, but it’s completely dark. They call Survivor Medical. They are Australian. He needs a few stitches. They warn him about the risk of infection. That’s what got James out of the game. The next morning, Michelle is freezing and whining. Nights are hard for her. They are trying to make fire with a bone and machete. Michelle thinks that she is stuck with the survivor dorks.

Kota get their first tree mail. Today’s challenge is about fire. Ace tries to teach the survivors yoga. Corinne and Bob are laughing their asses off in the hut. They go to the challenge. Six tribe members will be tethered. They have to go through an obstacle course to dig up some puzzle pieces. The other three members will try to assemble the puzzle. Up for grabs is immunity and fire. Kota has a bit of lead. Fang gets into the lead when Kota is stuck. Ken and Ace play around in the dirt.

Kota is back in the lead. They bring the puzzle pieces back. Fang is exhausted. When Fang comes up with the puzzle bags, Kota has already finished their puzzle. Kota wins immunity and fire. GC isn’t happy with his tribe, but he’s got immunity. There is no clear leadership. Already, Matty wants to get rid Michelle. Susie wants to vote with him. Randy doesn’t think that there would be enough votes. Randy wants Gillian to go. Michelle and Ken confer and they will vote to get rid of Gillian. Ken tells Michelle that she is on the outs with the tribe. She doesn’t talk with anyone. Michelle says that she can’t talk with douchebags.

Dan tells Gillian that the vote will get rid of Michelle. It’s time for tribal challenge. Dan thinks that they did OK in the challenge. Jeff says that the tribe is in total denial. They were clobbered. Jeff is laughing. Michelle says that people were taking a break from the digging. They argue. Jeff points it out. Crystal says that they don’t have a leader. Some tribe members want GC as a leader. Jeff puts it to a vote. It’s unanimous. He’s the tribe leader. This isn’t want GC wanted.

Michelle says that she speaks most with Ken. She says that she proved herself in the challenge. She says that there is some dead weight on the tribe that they could get rid of. She’s talking about Gillian. If they get rid of Michelle, it’s a bonehead manoeuvre. She’s young, hot and strong. Gillian would be the safest bet. I’d vote for her. The tribe is almost split about this decision. Michelle is voted out by a vote of 5-1. The other votes didn’t matter. The tribe gets fire. My guess is because of the animals. Fire scares them away.

Back at the camp, GC makes fire. Gillian pretends that she did it and that he did it thanks to her. Everyone else knows that GC did it. They get to eat.

Charlie doesn’t understand why the girls aren’t jumping on Marcus, he likes him a lot. They go onto a boat talk. Charlie has a crush. They are talking about integrating Jacqui and Corinne into their onion alliance.

GC wants Susie and Crystal to look for some fruit. Matty and Randy should go to look for some utensils. Ken should find some bedding.

GC doesn’t get that they should use lake water to do the rice. The water at camp is already boiled. He’s going to boil it twice, that doesn’t make any sense. In the Fang tribe, GC washes clothes in the middle of the night. He got people up. Gillian didn’t like it. A few tribe members say that Gillian and Randy were snoring. Gillian wants it kept quiet during the night, but GC says that he got woken up by their snoring.

Marcus approaches Corinne about an alliance. She’s all for it. She is very close to Jacqui. They would just need another person to be loosely part of it. They want Bob. They start talking strategy. GC doesn’t want a leader anymore. He tells his tribe. Dan doesn’t understand it. Dan just doesn’t want to do it. He wants to pull the strings. They get tree mail the next day. They are getting ready for the challenge by face-painting with coal.

The challenge involves pushing a large boulder through some obstacles. They have to retrieve some keys. They are playing for fishing gear. The winning tribe will chose a member of the losing tribe to go to Exile Island. That person will also get the first clue to the hidden immunity idol. Kota is in the lead. Fang collides with the Kota boulder and they are almost equal. Kota is out first. Kota is first to the final gate. They have six keys but only three locks. Kota has their first lock undone. Fang and Kota have their 2nd at the same time. Kota opens their third lock and race to the finish. Kota is winning once again. They have to get the ball on the pedestal. Fang still has a shot. Kota wins immunity and reward. Kota sends Dan to Exile Island.

Charlie is having a blast. The boys go to fish. Marcus, Ace and Bob are busy getting food for the tribe. The tribe is really happy.

Dan tries to make himself feel better. He had to choose between comfort and clue. He chooses clue. He’s not very smart. The clue refers to a sandy pit not far away.

GC isn’t happy. They are stuck in a rut. Ken tells Crystal that they are losing because of Gillian. They talk with Matty and confer. They need to get rid of her. Gillian wants to get rid of Ken. She talks with Susie.

Randy broke his glasses to make a fishing hook. GC uses his shoe lace to make a line. Crystal, Susie and Gillian looked for worms. Ken, GC and Randy go fishing. They catch five fishes. Dan comes back. He says that Exile was hard. He didn’t find anything and had to make a choice. GC thinks that he is acting strange. He thinks that he knows where it is or he has the idol. The tribemates think that Dan or Gillian are on the block. Randy doesn’t think he has it, but Crystal says that he’s smart. Crystal tells Matty that it’s Dan today.

At tribal council, Jeff asks about GC not being the leader anymore. Susie says that it started because of the opinion that Gillian voiced. Dan says that it’s lack of leadership. They try to flush the idol out, but Dan says that he doesn’t have it.

Gillian votes for Ken, but the vote is definitely going against her. Gillian is voted out by a vote of 5-1. The other votes didn’t matter.

* * * * *

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2 thoughts on “Survivor Gabon S17E01 (CBS)”

  1. It was great first episode. I couldn’t believe all the wildlife, elephants, gorillas, hippos… What an experience, even if you’re only there for a day.

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