Hawkeye Season 1: Better Than Eternals & Shang Chi

There’s finally some more MCU content to watch. I went into this series with mixed feelings, a bit like Falcon & the Winter Soldier. Hawkeye has never been a character who I thought deserved his own series. But in a year which has been filled with bad releases, so far, for movies at least, except for Spider-Man No Way Home, and after the stellar Wandavision and Loki, there’s a lot of space for good TV. And Disney+ needs it. How does it fare?

It’s good. I really liked the bit where Kate Bishop sees Hawkeye during a flashback which occurs during Avengers (2012). Great, because I rewatched that movie recently, so it’s all fresh in my mind. I don’t remember Ronin’s sword being that cool, but it works in this series.

I’m not sure how it fits within the MCU, but I enjoyed watching the episodes. The whole training a new partner shindig was ok. The conspiracy within the show and Bishop’s family was interesting. The most interesting parts were probably the return of the Kingpin and the appearance of the new Black Widow.

Romanov’s sister was an interesting addition to the show. The show had a lot of action and some cool retconned scenes, which I approved. Overall, I think it’s a pretty good show. As low key as Hawkeye usually appears, it adds another layer to his persona to have an understudy. It’s a sort of ‘making bows cool again’ kinda vibe.

The show also introduced a good villain, a deaf, one-legged MMA fighter. I really liked her. She was able to draw parallels to Hawkeye, because he’s also deaf. There also a one-eyed golden retriever.





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