I used Google Maps to figure out how long the laps were around the park next to my apartment in Banqiao. It’s 650m. I ran five laps tonight. That makes about 3.250KM. It was a good run. I’m going to try and run again tomorrow night. I’ll need to run about 8 laps to run 5.2KM. That’s more than I used to run in 2006 five times a week. That’s my goal, running five or six times a week. I varied speeds. For 200m out of every lap, I ran at my top speed. Usually I did this for the last 2 minutes of my run. However I noticed that my foot is still tender and running very fast makes me feel the bruise. So I won’t run that fast.

My average speed was about 7kph, which is acceptable to start out with. Actually speed only comes into play later on in the training. First it’s to be able to run 5KM a day. Then I’ll work on the speed and maybe run 10KM in one shot once a week. That will be my goal by the end of the summer. I’ll need to buy a slim hydration pack for running. That’s always nice. It’s about 15 laps to run 10KM.

I’ve just seen this and it makes me think. I’ll be in Quebec at the end of August and I could participate in half a marathon. I doubt that I’ll be able to run more than that. 42.2KM is just too much. We’ll see how things go over the summer. I’ll decide in August.


2 responses to “3.250KM”

  1. Carrie Avatar

    Hey Range! Way to go. I know you’ve been working hard. Jo told me you’ve lost loads of weight and you’ve been exercising a lot. I’m glad you managed to get back into running. I love it, especially when that runner’s high kicks in. There’s nothing like it.

    There are some great half-marathons and marathons coming up in Taiwan after October. I was hoping to run the Taroko marathon last year, but then I got sick. Things are looking up again and I’m back on the track and I’m determined to run one this year.

    You’re lucky as there are lots of short to long distance runs (10km – 42.2km) in Canada in the fall, so if this is your goal over the next couple of weeks, you shouldn’t have any problem at all. Good going!

  2. range Avatar

    Thanks Carrie. We’ll see how it goes. My first goal is to run 5Km a day. Them maybe I can try 10KM a day and we’ll see from there.

    Yep, I lost 38lbs, about 17kg.

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