Big Brother UK S09D73 (Channel 4)

It looks like Nicole has had enough of Rex.

Nic is in the diary room. She thinks that Rachel sucks Kat’s ass. She doesn’t really talk with everyone. Rex is proud to say that he takes care of Nicole everyway. He takes care of her financially. She doesn’t contribute anything. That’s the way that Nic has been brought up. Rex says that Nicole is too young to understand that.

Rex, Sara and Nic are in the garden smoking. BB provided the HM with cleaning products. Nic is lying down. The cleaning session begins. If HM clean the house to BB’s satisfaction, they will get a prize. Lazy Mo is smoking while he starts to clean. Everyone thinks that Mo is a dick. Darnell thinks that Lazy Mo is an asshole for smoking during the cleaning. Rex and Stu agree.

Rex is doing something to Nic. She doesn’t want Rex touching her boobs all of the time. He’s being an asshole. Rachel has been called to the diary room.

After this evening’s eviction, the HM will be getting a favorite things party. She says that her favorite noises are birds twittering around.

If you have sex with dead bodies, you should be tortured.

The HM are talking about necrophilia. Darnell says that it takes 30 to 40 years to kill someone on death row. Darnell says that in America, a life sentence is a life sentence. He doesn’t know what he’s talking about. There is early parole in the US.

Sara and Rachel are in the luxury bedroom. Rachel admits that she used to dream about BB. Stu and Kat are in the pool. They are exercising.

Mikey is in the diary room. He’s bitching about Nicole. He calls her Nippy Nicole. She didn’t do anything for the BB games task. She stuffed her face with all of the Mars bars. She’s been very critical. She’s been an ass. Mikey thinks that Rex and Nic are very selfish people. He doesn’t know how long their relationship will last.

Sara continues to flirt with Stu. Darnell, Mo and Mikey are at the sofas. Darnell says that he represents albino people. Mikey represents the blind people. Darnell considers himself black first.

Rex and Kat are talking about Nic. Rex says that Nic is spoiled and takes things for granted. Kat thinks that he should have a talk with Nic about this. Rex says that he’s very good in relationships, he’s been in a lot of relationships, and he’s talked to Nicole about this. She only gets worse. Nic actually believes that she does a lot of things for Rex. Rex says that if he does say something, it will just get worse. Kat says that he must considered leaving her. Rex says that they have broken up twice, but they just have gotten back together. He went on holiday to get away from Nic, but he can’t get her out of his mind. Kat says that if he loves her that much, he’s going to have to accept her.

Nic tells that she does everything for him. She doesn’t have money. She says that she isn’t a housewife. She says that he makes her look very bad, implying that she doesn’t do anything. Rex says that she could do more for her. Rex says that she doesn’t ever get any better. Rex says that she isn’t willing to change. She walks away. Rex follows her and he follows her. Nic tells him to leave her alone. Rex won’t. She’s on the verge of tears. She says that he’s f**king her over. She’s crying. After asking him to leave her alone for about 10 times, he finally leaves.

As a reward for their cleaning effort, the HM receive a bath hamper. The products are only going to be there for tonight. Rex wants to spray it on people. He puts some shaving foam on Darnell. Lisa is straightening her hair.

The HM are using all of the bath products in the bath. Darnell and Mikey are in the bath together.

Rex has just questioned Nic once again about incidents linked to their relationship that happened in the outside of the house. Nic is getting pissed off. She tells him that she can’t afford this anymore. She can’t be bothered with him anymore. She calls him pathetic. If he trusts him, then he trusts her, then there’s no point in this relationship. Rex smirks and says that he just figured it out. He walks away. Nic calls him a f**king idiot. Nic says that she doesn’t want to sit anywhere near him. She tells him not to talk to her anymore. She moves away. She sits near Darnell and then leaves the room. Rex goes after her. He doesn’t leave her alone. Nic says that he must think that she’s a f**king bitch. Rex promises that he won’t talk about it anymore. Nic says that he promised the same thing over and over again. Rex insists that she needs to sit with him. She sits near Mikey. Rex says that she shouldn’t push her luck. Nic says that he ruined her evening.

Rex is being nasty again. Mikey calls him out. Rex can’t come up with anything good. Kat pulls her tongue out at Rex. It’s because Rex was convinced that Rachel was leaving.

Nic says that she would have preferred Stu to stay over Rachel. Rex looks at her. He’s intensely jealous and asks her why she said that.

BB as gathered all of the HM together and says that Rachel gets a favorite things party. Rachel must declare which HM is her favorite. She says Kat. They get to go to the disco. They get a lot of grapes and cookies. It’s funny how Rachel doesn’t know that House of Pain did the song Jump Around. They don’t even recognize the song in the beginning.

Rex, Nic, Lazy Mo and Sara are talking about Stu and what he will see during in his exit interview. Rex asks Sara who she fancies more, Lazy Mo or Darnell. They talk about the nicknames that Rachel might have. Rex says that Sara was drooling over Stu today. Rex is nasty as usual.

Kat and Rachel have been in the disco for 47 minutes. Kat is dancing strangely. It’s sexual, but in a bad way.

Sara is in the diary room. She’s asked if she misses Stu. Sara can’t have this question. She feels so embarrassed.

Nic and Rex are getting frisky again.

* * * * *

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