Big Brother UK S09D93 (Channel 4)

It’s time for the final. We see the old HM. Dale is no longer going out with Jen. Luke and Bex are still going out.

Sara and Rex are at the ashtray. She says that she has really warmed up to Darnell lately. She would really like Darnell to win. Mikey and Rachel are in the bedroom. Mikey says that he came to the BBUK house to watch it while he was here.

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Big Brother UK S09D92 (Channel 4)

Rachel wakes up crying. Rex is in the diary room. He describes the mood in the house as fantastic. Rex says that he hasn’t enjoyed being a HM but he enjoyed the experience. He’s enjoying his own company.

Rex denies that he is a redhead. Darnell calls him out. He’s ginger and he’s got to live with it. Rex calls him a cockhead. Rex thinks that his hair is strawberry blond.

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Big Brother UK S09D91 (Channel 4)

Rachel says that she eats five bags of grapes a day. Mikey tells her that she needs to find a grocer who can supply her.

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Big Brother UK S09D90 (Channel 4)

Surprise eviction! Yes! Who will go? You decide! Two HM will leave. BB has asked the audience to keep quiet. Mikey is humming the Final Countdown by Europe.

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Big Brother UK S09D89 (Channel 4)

Mikey is telling Rachel that he dreamt of cats. Mo is in the diary room. It’s his final day as HOH. He’s been a shit HOH, that’s from his own admission. He says that he’s coping OK.

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Big Brother UK S09D88 (Channel 4)

Some of the HM are in the bedroom. Last night Lisa was evicted. Rachel, Mikey and Mo are in the garden. As part of his HOH duties, Mo must ensure that all of the HM are awake. Rex is sleeping. He wakes up. Mo tells him that he just wants to sunbathe in peace. Darnell calls Kat the biggest wind-up merchant in the house. Rex starts to take the Mick out of Kat. Darnell does so as well. They are joking with her and she doesn’t get it. Their jokes get serious. Rex says that she likes to pretend that she doesn’t understand things when it suits her. Rex continues his zero, zero, zero chant.

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Big Brother UK S09D87 (Channel 4)

All of the HM are in the bedroom. Rex tells Lisa that she doesn’t want to stay. She’s already spent all of her money in her head. For once, his comments aren’t that nasty. Mo is in the bathroom cleaning up. He’s still jealous of the girls winning £25K.

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Big Brother UK S09D86 (Channel 4)

Last night, Sara and Lisa won 25000£, Darnell and Mo are in the bathroom. Lisa and Mikey are in the living room. They are talking about their nominations. Mikey says that it just winds him up how Rex can say anything to Sara, and she won’t even nominate him.

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Big Brother UK S09D85 (Channel 4)

The 2nd part of the shopping task is happening today. There are slot machines in the living room. Mo tells Sara that she can’t look at the slot machines. She just goes to see them. Mo told her that she’s not allowed. Mo tells Mikey and Kat that Sara is rude. She’s only nice when she wants something. Mikey says that it’s when she needs cigarettes.

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Big Brother UK S09D84 (Channel 4)

Davina says that all of the HM will be made under intense pressure. Two of them will have to make a hard decision. Later, the HM will have to nominate live in front of their HM. One of those two nominees could win 50,000£.

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