The Glades Pilot S01E01 (A&E)

The Glades intertitle

I really liked this show. I honestly didn’t know what to expect, which is one of the reasons why I almost passed it over, after being annoyed and disappointed at Scoundrels and The Gates. The Glades is more of a police procedural drama and I like the fact that the main character, Jim Longworth, is a very smart investigator. His type of character reminds me of a Sherlock Holmes-type detective, who’s smart and intuitive, and able to make educated guesses on what exactly happened.

Warning: spoilers ahead

* * * * *

Teenagers are parked near a swamp. One of them finds a body in the swamp.

Jim is some cop from Chicago who came to Florida to relax, but that didn’t work out. The DB’s head is missing. He gets called to the case. The teen’s in questioning. Jim is a LT. The teen doesn’t know much and looks hung over.

Jim goes to the swamp and gets attacked by an alligator. He’s got to go to the hospital. A hot doctor/nurse patches him up.

Jim goes to see Callie again at the hospital. He needs her advice and manages to set a sort of date later on that night. Jim goes to see the boyfriend. His brother used to date the girl. He died in an accident. Jim asks his partner about this. There is a shrine on the 301 where it happened.

They found a tooth in the remains. Jim has the herpetology lab examine it. The tech finds out that the gator was a cayman. They aren’t indigenous to this era. They find her quickly enough and Jim shoots it. He has Sanchez perform a necropsy. They find a jawbone.

He goes to see Callie. He thinks that the DB is a tourist from Phoenix. Callie is a nurse and she’s going to medical school. She’s still married to the father.

Lane’s quote from the high school yearbook is the one that has been popping around the area as graffiti.

“Okeechokee Southerners are sub-human.”

Jim goes to see the brother. The brother didn’t kill the tourist but he did tag the school. Something is going on with Erin. Jim goes back to the scene of the crime. He finds a receipt to a convenience store. The clerk says that Erin was pissed at something. Jim sees Jeff smoking there. Jim is Callie’s son.

Jim’s partner thinks that the DB is Gina Salazar, a sub teacher that never showed up. Jim goes to the shrine and finds Erin there.

Jim goes to see his partner. It turns out that Gina Salazar ran away with a man. Jim’s partner pulls a gun on him. Mike killed his wife. He pulled Janice’s dental records and matched them. He also had lots of clues, from her tan and forensic evidence, that it was a local girl. Jim didn’t come alone. He came with a full tactical team. They arrest Mike.

Jim took Jeff fishing. Callie’s husband is in jail. He has drinks with her at the end of the episode.

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